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AI integration for healthcare organisations

Whether you’re already a member of our extensive national RIS user-base, or a user of a minority RIS system, we can help you connect the dots to enable regional working, improved efficiency, and maximised reporting capacity – all by taking a simple approach that uses existing technology where possible.

We help healthcare organisations find a route to applied AI by supporting in the following areas.

Understanding workflow impact and objectives

Our experience as the leading provider of radiology information systems to the NHS enables us to provide advice when it comes to mapping your existing workflows, considering which will be affected by the introduction of AI algorithms, as well as those you actively want to be affected.

Supporting technical integration

Our expert team will help you assess your existing IT infrastructure and new requirements, including those related to AI application hosting, data security and compliance. Our AI gateway radically simplifies the technical integration process too, ensuring a quick and standardised route to AI adoption.

Determining the impact of AI

It is important to continuously evaluative the impact an AI deployment is having on your radiology output. Our reporting expertise and RIS insight will provide your organisation with the tools needed to understand how AI is working at your organisation.

What AI Connect can do for your organisation

Simple AI adoption

The AI Connect gateway enables the adoption of different AI applications within your existing reporting workflow, using a standardised approach, from the UK’s most trusted RIS supplier and healthcare integration experts.

A technology independent platform

AI Connect allows you to embed algorithms from a variety of AI providers and can be integrated with any RIS or PACS. The adoption of a single gateway reduces technical complexity and speed of deployment and supports user familiarity when utilising multiple algorithms.

Fully integrated AI

In a recent survey of our UK customer base, 85% of respondents highlighted the advantages of AI integration within RIS workflows. AI Connect offers a seamless user experience, with the advantage of report prioritisation and critical results notification.

Key Benefits & Features

Works with any RIS or PACS

Integrate AI into existing radiology workflow

A single gateway for multiple AI algorithms

How to integrate AI into your existing radiology workflows

Wellbeing have produced a FREE GUIDE covering the three main stages that any NHS organisation wishing to introduce AI algorithms into their radiology departments needs to consider:

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