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AI integration for AI providers

AI algorithms need to integrate with both the working practices of a healthcare organisation’s practitioners and teams, and the technological workflows that underpin them. This is especially important once plans progress beyond the adoption of a single algorithm, at which point it becomes necessary to ensure consistent processes are introduced to optimise adoption and usage.

As the leading provider of radiology information systems to the NHS, we offer unrivalled support to AI providers looking to see their technology adopted as quickly as possible. This includes support in the following areas.

Identifying an algorithm use case

Using AI algorithms to support standardised workflows that already exist across the NHS is the best strategy for providers looking to see their technology adopted quickly. Our experienced team can help you identify the best use case for your algorithm, using unrivalled knowledge of existing radiology workflows.

Providing access to the UK’s largest radiology network

We provide healthcare technology to over 80 % of NHS organisations and are the leading provider of Radiology Information Systems in the UK. Access to this network can greatly increase the speed at which AI providers can introduce their technology to healthcare organisations.

Understanding the impact of your algorithm

The impact of your algorithm is likely to go far beyond its basic capabilities and will result in a positive ‘heat map’ across an organisation. Our understanding of radiology reporting can help you demonstrate the effect AI is having at an organisation and promote further adoption.

What AI Connect Can do for You

Simplified technical integration

The use of a pre-installed gateway reduces the technical complexity associated with workflow integration for AI providers, increasing speed and rate of deployment, while maintaining user familiarity.

Complete RIS and PACS compatibility

Our AI connect gateway works with any RIS or PACS, ensuring you can connect your algorithm with all healthcare organisations, in a standardised way, regardless of the technology they use.

A scalable process for future integrations

Our AI connect gateway can be used to integrate your algorithm at multiple healthcare organisations, providing you with a ready-made process for scaling the adoption of your technology.

Key Benefits & Features

Repeatable algorithm integration with any RIS or PACS

Access to the largest RIS network in the UK

A pre-installed radiology AI workflow integration gateway

How to integrate your AI algorithm into a healthcare organisation’s existing radiology workflows

Wellbeing have produced a FREE GUIDE covering the three main stages that any AI provider wishing to introduce its AI algorithms into healthcare organisations needs to consider:

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