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Integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into your existing radiology workflow

Benefit from improved work management, efficient report prioritisation and critical results notification

What AI Connect can do for you

Simple AI adoption

The AI Connect gateway enables the adoption of different AI applications within your existing reporting workflow, using a standardised approach, from the UK’s most trusted RIS supplier and healthcare integration experts.

A technology independent platform

AI Connect allows you to embed algorithms from a variety of AI providers and can be integrated with any RIS or PACS. The adoption of a single gateway reduces technical complexity and speed of deployment and supports user familiarity when utilising multiple algorithms.

Fully integrated AI

In a recent survey of our UK customer base, 85% of respondents highlighted the advantages of AI integration within RIS workflows. AI Connect offers a seamless user experience, with the advantage of report prioritisation and critical results notification.

Key Benefits & Features

Works with any RIS or PACS

Integrate AI into existing radiology workflow

A single gateway for multiple AI algorithms

Radiology AI at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

AI Connect has already been used to accelerate the introduction of radiology AI at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, where our AI Connect gateway has been deployed to integrate’s red dot prioritisation platform for CXR, with Dartford’s existing RIS and PACS systems.

New strategic partnerships and customer AI projects are in the pipeline and will be announced shortly.


The benefits of radiology workflow integration

“A key piece to the AI puzzle for Radiology is automating the pull and push of diagnostic images based on the required rules for the specific AI service. And then managing the results or insertion of the amended images back to the PACS. Our recent AI development for CXR with would not be as efficient if not for the Wellbeing Software AI Connect gateway. Wellbeing Software has proven themselves time and time again to be real digital partners across radiology, maternity and wider. Great to have an extended team we can rely on!”
Neil Perry, Associate Director Digital Transformation, Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust

Introducing AI-enabled stroke diagnosis with Brainomix

The applications for AI Connect are endless. We are working with stroke imaging company Brainomix to accelerate the introduction of AI and deep learning into the clinical decision making process for ischemic stroke patients.
Brainomix’s E-ASPECT solution supports faster, more informed decisions by applying AI when assessing ischemic stroke damage. It interprets scans based on metrics drawn from over 150,000 images, sourced across 27 countries.

Why choose AI Connect?

Access to national radiology network

Home to the most widely used RIS, we have access to a nationwide network of radiologists across more than 700 locations.

Trusted NHS Partner

With a presence in more than 80% of NHS organisations and specialist product development team, we are perfectly placed to integrate AI algorithms into existing IT setups.

Investing in product roadmap

We’re investing in new technology for greater AI adoption, interoperability and open standards in the NHS.

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