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Wellbeing are proud to be exhibiting at Digital Health Rewired. This new event is focused on joined up and integrating health and care through the transformational use of technology and new ways of working.

We will be showcasing our healthcare connected proposition. Visit us to see how we are providing healthcare organisations with complete patient visibility and interoperability by connecting electronic health records across specialities, locations and services into one intuitive, connected technology platform.

If you would like to discuss your integration requirements please email here to pre arrange a meeting.

What is our Healthcare: Connected vision?

At Wellbeing Software, we believe in a joined-up approach to healthcare. World-leading healthcare services like the NHS are made up of a wide range of smaller organisations, from separate NHS Trusts down to individual services like GP surgeries, clinics and hospital departments. This is essential for a personal approach to patient care, and to ensure that each element is staffed by true experts.

However, patients typically move between many different services over the course of their lives, and very often over the course of a particular illness or incident. Each time they move between those services – and back again – the information pertaining to their treatment needs to transition too. And that information is dynamic; it is continually added to and amended as different treatments take place and different diagnoses and decisions are made.

In short, whilst experienced professionals are the bedrock of healthcare services, they in turn rely on having relevant patient information at their fingertips – and that information may be subject to extremely rapid change as different teams participate in a particular patient’s care.

Our vision is to consolidate and centralise these data sources, so that all healthcare professionals have access to the same dynamic information pertaining to each individual patient. This drives collaboration and visibility, enables faster and better-informed decisions – and dramatically cuts down on cumbersome and error-prone manual processes. All of our solutions, from our Radiology Information System to our Maternity Information System, are working together towards this vision.

34 Tunis Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 7EZ, UK

34 Tunis Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 7EZ, UK

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