Wellbeing Software operate in 80% of Trusts within the UK

Wellbeing Stratus brings together all types of health records from across the health and social care spectrum to provide clinicians with a complete, digital view of patient data. Scalable and configurable, Stratus can be used to share data within or beyond organisational boundaries securely.

Stratus removes the use of paper records in departments and allows the clinician to record, search and view clinical information, archived images and patient data, instantly from any data source. Launched from within existing systems or on its own, Stratus is simple to use and is easily adopted, supporting the need for Connected Healthcare requirements.

Key Features


Achieve cost effective paperless working by complementing your EPR strategy

Digitised medical records

Give clinicians a view of all digitised medical records including medical images

Data consolidation

Connect data from many sources and consolidate legacy systems into one unified platform

Regional working

Supports regional working and record sharing programmes

Why Stratus?

Stratus can reduce time and cost associated to recovering and viewing archived data whilst also reducing the risk of losing or failing to capture critical clinical data. Stratus allows you to work collaboratively within your organization, or to meet cross oraganisational working with a complete Electronic Patient Record. Wellbeing Software operate within 80% of Trusts within the UK and understands the importance of successful Connected Healthcare solutions.

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