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Wellbeing Accelerates Introduction of AI in Radiology at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

We are proud to announce that we have lent our expertise to enable the integration of AI into radiology at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, who selected Behold.ai’s red dot® prioritisation platform.

Through our AI Connect gateway, we have integrated Behold’s AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm into Dartford’s radiology workflow to support quicker image reporting. The algorithm, which connects with our RIS System, Cris, separates radiology studies into normal and abnormal categories in less than 30 seconds, based on more than 30,000 example images. It alerts radiographers to urgent findings at the point of acquisition and helps clinicians prioritise workloads and reduce reporting backlogs.

This advanced level of integration addresses a requirement recognised in a recent survey of our extensive UK customer base, where 85% of respondents highlighted the benefit of AI integration with RIS workflow. This is key to maximising the user experience, supporting work management and report prioritisation, including the notification of critical findings.

Neil Perry, Associate Director Digital Transformation for Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust said:

“Radiology departments play a crucial role in our healthcare network and the ability to report and diagnose as quickly and accurately as possible has a major impact on patient outcomes. Behold.ai’s AI technology is specifically designed to support our skilled radiology workforce by understanding and supporting their existing workflows and enabling them to manage reporting more efficiently. It also allows us to work with our existing radiology technology which further demonstrates its ability to support our existing working processes. We are extremely excited to take the technology to the next level with automated reporting of key diagnoses and expanding to other investigation groups.”

“A key piece to the AI puzzle for Radiology is automating the pull and push of diagnostic images based on the required rules for the specific AI service. And then managing the results or insertion of the amended images back to the PACS. Our recent AI development for CXR with Behold.ai would not be as efficient if not for the Wellbeing Software AI Connect gateway. Wellbeing Software have proven themselves time and time again to be real digital partners across radiology, maternity and wider. Great to have an extended team we can rely on!”

If you’re considering the adoption of AI in your reporting processes, our AI Connect gateway can seamlessly embed your chosen algorithms into your reporting workflow, no matter what RIS or PACS you use. You can learn more about teleradiology in this article.

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