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Wellbeing and Behold.ai collaborate on national solution for COVID-19 diagnosis

Two British companies at the leading edge of medical imaging technology are working together on a plan to fast-track the diagnosis of COVID-19 in NHS hospitals using artificial intelligence analysis of chest X-rays.

Behold.ai has developed the artificial intelligence-based red dot® algorithm which can identify within 30 seconds abnormalities in chest X-rays of patients infected by COVID-19. Wellbeing Software operates Cris, the UK’s most widely used Radiology Information System (RIS), which is installed in over 700 locations.

A national roll-out combining these two technologies would enable a large number of hospitals to quickly process the significant volume of X-rays currently flooding into radiology departments, thereby speed up diagnosis and easing pressure on the NHS at this critical time. This solution will also find significant utility in dealing with the backlog of non-critical cases that continue to mount.

Simon Rasalingham, Chairman and CEO of behold.ai, said:

“Behold.ai and Wellbeing are a great fit in terms of expertise and technology. We are able to prioritise abnormal chest X-ray with greater than 90% accuracy with a 30-second turnaround. If that were translated into a busy hospitals coping with COVID-19, the benefits to healthcare systems are potentially enormous”.

Chris Yeowart, Director at Wellbeing Software, said:

“Our technology provides the integration between the algorithm and the hospital’s radiology systems and working processes, addressing the technical challenges to clear the way for accelerated national rollout. It is clear from talking to radiology departments that chest X-rays have become one of the primary diagnostic tools for COVID-19 in this country.”

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