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Citadel Health wins Blood Bank Solution contract with ACT Health

Citadel Health to deliver its Evolution vLab TM solution to support ACT’s blood transfusion laboratory

Citadel Health will be implementing the Transfusion Medicine (TM) module of its market leading LIMS, Evolution vLab, to support ACT Health’s Digital Health Record Project.

Evolution TM works to ensure the safe and timely release of blood and other blood component products to patients. It is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) specifically designed for blood banks which has been proven to greatly improve the safety of transfusion practice, reduce wastage and increase laboratory efficiency.

The standout differentiator for Evolution TM is that while the Evolution LIMS is a full Enterprise system, the Transfusion Medicine Module is vendor agnostic and can be used with any LIMS. On this occasion, ACT Health will use Evolution TM in conjunction with EPIC Beaker from EPIC Systems.

Dave Crockett, General Manager Business Development for Citadel Health said: “We are thrilled to be a part of this project. As blood supplies are always at a premium, it is essential that we ensure their distribution as safe and efficient as possible. Our Blood Bank solution will help ACT Health achieve this and improve their ability to help patients.”

The ACT Digital Health Record program is currently under development and will deliver a single health record that follows the person through their entire journey within the ACT public health system, from referral to discharge and into the community.

Mr Peter O’Halloran, Chief Information Officer ACT Health, said: “The Citadel blood bank solution will integrate with the Digital Health Record which is due for implementation in 2022-2023 and will facilitate the management of blood and blood products across the territory. Our aim is a fully integrated digital health environment and the inclusion of the Citadel blood bank solution with the Digital Health Record takes us another step closer to that vision”.

About Citadel Health

Citadel Health, a subsidiary of The Citadel Group and parent to Wellbeing Software, providing market leading healthcare technology solutions. For more than 30 years, Citadel Health has specialised in creating and supporting several specialist applications including diagnostic pathology, medical oncology, radiology, maternity, risk management and population health applications across both public and private health. Citadel Health is a trusted provider of a wide range of solutions and services that enable clients to optimise, integrate and innovate across their health operations.

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