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Harnessing Artificial Intelligence in Radiology Insights from Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

Neil Perry, Head of Digital Transformation at Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust (DGT) recently sat down with Elemental TV’s Corrie Williams to discuss the improvements that the trust has seen within its diagnostic pathways after introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly triage Chest X-Rays.

AI is being used to separate radiology studies into normal and abnormal categories alerting radiographers to urgent findings at the point of acquisition and helping clinicians prioritise workloads and reduce reporting backlogs.

During his interview, Neil discussed the benefits of collaborating with Wellbeing to drive improvements in the trust’s radiology department. Together with the other technology partners, they have been able to build and deliver an automated prioritisation platform in around three months.

Neil went on to explain the critical importance of workflow integration, delivered by AI Connect, through experienced seamless application and partnership working. He said:

“There is more workload than we, as the NHS, can cope with; there are not enough radiologists or radiographers to match the demand, which means we typically outsource to a third-party supplier driven by manual processes that add time. Getting AI to work well is about making it real-time and connected, so Wellbeing and behold.ai are working together to orchestrate and extract the data immediately out of the system, which is then sent to the AI algorithm, read and returned with its prioritisation listed. As a result, we’re now seeing reports returned in about 23 seconds.

“While it’s early days, with the AI prioritisation platform we’re now able to view abnormal scans quicker resulting in a 10% time saving.”

DGT are taking forward plans to transform pathways to benefit patients and reduce pathways for suspected cancers by up to two weeks via hot reporting and introducing same day Chest CT’s.


Visit Elemental TV to watch the full interview. To find out how our AI Connect platform is accelerating the introduction of AI in radiology, click here or contact us. You can learn more about teleradiology in this article.


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