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The digitised patient surgical eConsent “no-brainer”

The consent process and the principle of reaching a shared decision on treatment with a patient is one of the central foundations of healthcare.

Yet despite its importance, documentation of the process has historically been based on hand-written consent forms.

Wellbeing Software Product Director, Matt Smith, was recently in conversation with Stephen Lake FRCS, Consultant Surgeon at Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust, during an interview with Elemental TV on the role of digital consent across the UK healthcare system – during which Mr Lake called it a “no brainer” for the NHS.

Their conversation focused on our eConsent solution, which is enabling NHS organisations to improve patient experience, save consultant time and standardise consent-to-treatment delivery.In the video, Stephen, who has served as a clinical advisor in the development of eConsent, and Matt also discuss how a robust digital consent process helps to reduce the risk of litigation at a trust, by documenting individual patient consent in a compliant manner.

“In the modern NHS, time is crucial”

Recalling conversations with fellow clinicians currently using the platform and discussing future roll-outs, Stephen said:

“I’m yet to come across a clinician who hasn’t found it helpful to their working environment.”

“Moving into other trusts is going to extend this and will be of very great benefit to the NHS from a time saving and standardisation point of view.”

In a recent article on the subject, Stephen also highlighted how the impact of failures in the consent process meant that all healthcare organisations should be looking to digitise this aspect of their operations.

“I’ve heard of examples where operations have been stopped”

Speaking in the video, Stephen recounts how poor processes have at times led to procedures being stopped while the patient is on the operating table as a result of missing consent related paperwork – something Stephen describes as a “disaster” for all concerned and something a digitised approach to consent can help to overcome.

eConsent works by digitising highly specialised consent workflows. It supports national initiatives such as NHS Digital Domain G – Paper Free at the Point of Care. In addition to this, e-Consent standardises and safeguards compliance with mandated standards from the CQC, NHSLA and Royal Colleges.

Watch the full video discussion at Elemental TV Here. To find out more about our digital consent solution click here, or contact us.



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