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Wellbeing Software Delivering Digitised Maternity Records at James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust has deployed Euroking, the UK’s leading Maternity Information System, to streamline and simplify maternity workflows, compliance and information-sharing.

James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s maternity department has significantly reduced its reliance on paper-based processes after deploying Euroking, the UK’s market leading Maternity Information System (MIS) from Wellbeing Software..

Euroking provides NHS Trusts with a single digital source of information relating to pregnancy and post-natal care. Healthcare practitioners can input all data related to pregnancy, birth and postnatal care directly into the platform, saving time, eliminating duplication and reducing incidences of error, while increasing access to crucial patient information.

At birth, every baby is assigned an NHS and hospital number. For any cases transferred to neonatal care, pertinent information from the labour and subsequent birth is collected on Euroking and integrated with existing clinical systems to create a real-time record of the patient.

James Paget began by deploying the mobile version of the system, Community Offline, to the Trust’s community midwives who were keen to apply their training with the software by digitally entering caseloads while visiting women in the community. Following the community go live the full version of Euroking was rolled out, ultimately replacing dozens of filing cabinets worth of paper notes and saving neonatal staff up to an hour of duplicated data input per baby.

Chris Yeowart, Director of Wellbeing Software said:

“It’s always wonderful to see the tangible impact of our software for NHS Trusts, and Euroking has quite literally eliminated the need for dozens of boxes and filing cabinets worth of paper at James Paget.
“A typical pregnancy involves multiple different caregivers, medical practitioners and data sources. Being able to create a single centralised information repository has a massive impact in terms of efficiency and accuracy. Ultimately, we want to support James Paget in delivering outstanding maternity care.”

Additional phases are planned to expand the Euroking deployment at James Paget, including; the installation of CTG, intrapartum fetal monitoring and anaesthetics modules, electronic communication to the GPs including discharge summaries, and continual improvements to existing Euroking workflows. Additional integration with Cris system, Wellbeing Software’s market-leading Radiology Information System (RIS), is also planned.

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