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NHS confirms Euroking as market-leading maternity information system

Wellbeing Software’s maternity information system Euroking has been revealed as the UK’s dominant market player in the NHS’s Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA), examining how England’s maternity providers are using digital technologies and where there is room for improvement.

As reported in Digital Health, the country’s 135 maternity providers all completed a self-assessment of their digital progress, reporting on factors such as their adoption of electronic health records, their ability to share data digitally between stakeholders, and the online services they are able to offer to users.

All of these factors are key features of Euroking, which provides a single digital maternity record, and was recently enhanced to offer a Personal Health Record (PHR) to give mums-to-be access to an online source of information relating to their pregnancy, antenatal and any follow up care.

The DMA revealed that Euroking is being used by 30 maternity providers across the country – nearly 50% more than the next most popular system.

This is a brilliant accolade for the usability, versatility and effectiveness of our software – and one we intend to build on in the months and years ahead.

The report also demonstrated that maternity providers throughout the country are broadly doing well at using digital technology to support their resourcing and strategic alignment, but there is still plenty of space for improvement. With the NHS continuing to push for an entirely paperless operation, there is clearly plenty of space for Wellbeing Software to trailblaze and support more maternity providers in taking a truly integrated, streamlined and innovative approach to digital technology.

Wellbeing Software CEO Graham Ridgway said:

“Euroking is one of our flagship solutions and we are continually developing it to provide the most comprehensive and intuitive platform for maternity healthcare professionals. A typical pregnancy involves multiple different caregivers and medical practitioners, brings together multiple different data sources and of course takes place over a period of months, so maternity services have a huge amount to gain from consolidating and digitising their information systems.”


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