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Get the Full Picture with Patient Reviewer

In order to facilitate an integrated approach to image sharing and in response to our customers, we have introduced a new module to Cris, which is one of the first of our add-ons to be built through Google Design, a platform that uses open-source code to make it highly configurable and intuitive.

Patient Reviewer gives users inside and outside the imaging department the ability to search for a patient locally, Trust wide or across regions with separate Cris instances. It then presents a patients’ entire imaging history and allows clinicians to interrogate and review the reports and associated images with each event, regardless of their source.

Other features of Patient Reviewer include:

  • Intelli-Search, which has the familiarity of Google and generates ranked matches based on search terms and criteria
  • Interactive timeline of radiology events for the patient
  • Associated reports and all types of clinical images review from report viewer
  • Microsoft Teams integration for messaging, calling, and screen sharing with note-taking and breakout rooms available
  • View complete Patient clinical details with direct access to all associated documentation

With social distancing measures in place and a greater emphasis on remote working, radiologists need to be able to access reports, even when they are away from the original scan site. By bringing data together, radiologists across the country can have access to the same centralised patient record at all times. This helps them share resource and access scans remotely to make faster and better-informed decisions and enables patients to move more seamlessly between sites and services.

For more information on Patient Reviewer or to arrange a demo, contact our team here.

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