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Health Secretary’s welcome backing for leading digital trusts

It is great to hear Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock dedicate a further £200 million worth of funding to the leading digital trusts in the country.

Speaking at the Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester today, the secretary of state announced that a further round of trusts will now join the 25 who already make up the Government’s “global digital exemplar” programme.

A Welcome Announcement

Investment in healthcare technology is key to delivering improved patient care and we fully endorse Matt Hancock’s view of a vendor led approach to NHS digitisation.

However, interoperability is also just as essential for ensuring technology is capable of improving workflows for healthcare professionals and enabling them to work more easily and effectively.

If information and data cannot be shared readily and systems fail to promote collaboration, clinicians will face challenges rather than support when it comes to delivering better patient outcomes.

Leading a Connected Healthcare Approach

The good news is that interoperability is already a reality in increasing areas of healthcare. At Wellbeing Software, we are using our specialist radiology and maternity information systems, and our experience in clinical data management to enable clinicians to overcome structural boundaries and collaborate more effectively.

As one of the leading providers of NHS technology, and the market leading provider of Radiology Information Systems, we have used this experience to develop our network teleradiology platform cris connect.

The platform is designed to connect patient records and support radiology reporting between different sites, departments, NHS Trusts and organisations. This interoperability is built on years of experience and understanding of radiology workflows and reporting requirements and is designed to improve the way in which radiology departments can collaborate.

We are also using our expertise in healthcare software connectivity to provide clinicians with a complete view of the patient through easy access to their electronic health records. With our Stratus software, for example, clinicians have a unified, connected view of patient activity delivered through an intuitive user interface. Learn more about Stratus EDMS System.

Crucially, this supports wide regional sharing projects from multiple sites and departments, by enabling a unified view of patient activity across many organisations.

An approach, led by innovative trusts and experienced vendors, is the way to improve IT provision across the NHS.

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