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Helping Hospitals and NHS Trusts Meet their Digital Goals

The North East & North Cumbria ICS (integrated healthcare system) have released their new digital strategy which outlines their intentions when it comes to the use of healthcare information technology. The ICS has specified a number of areas where leaps forward can be expected, including cloud adoption, standards-based interoperability, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

What are their digital goals?

The region’s experts collaborated to produce a ‘shared vision’ with five ‘key interlinked themes’ for delivery, including promoting a digitally capable workforce, secure sharing of information and empowering patients to be partners in their own care.

We welcome this strategy, as it points towards a healthcare service that is ready to move forward with a more efficient and streamlined digital framework for the NHS. In this blog, we look at some of the themes discussed in the report, and how we can help turn this vision into a reality.

Machine learning and AI

In the report, the ICS added their pledge to create a toolbox of capabilities that includes Machine Learning, Population Health Management and Artificial Intelligence.

Resources have never been so stretched, and we see tangible benefit from the adoption of AI tools within radiology, specifically to support workload prioritisation. As part of our commitment to make the adoption of AI a seamless reality, we launched our vendor neutral AI Connect platform. In conjunction with our AI Connect Marketplace, we offer a single point of reference for radiology departments looking to introduce AI algorithms into their existing workflow.

Our expert team will help you assess your existing IT infrastructure and requirements, including those related to AI application hosting, data security and compliance. Our AI Connect gateway simplifies the technical integration process too, ensuring a quick and standardised route to AI adoption. We specialise in RIS integration to optimise reporting workflow, and our solution is truly vendor neutral, meaning we interoperate with existing oncology information management systems, regardless of whether we supply them.

There are a growing number of AI applications to choose from on the marketplace, specialising in a range of disciplines including stroke, lung, and bone health. We will consult with your team to understand what algorithms best meet your needs, based on our own analysis and market data.

Empowering patients in health management

The ICS discussed a desire to empower patients by using digital technologies where appropriate, enabling them to become partners in their own health and care needs.

We advocate the inclusion of patients in the administration of their care pathway. Our innovative eConsent solution empowers patients by providing them with all the information they need, in a digital format, in advance of a procedure. This enables them to make informed, well considered decisions prior to treatment. Clinicians are able to share information regarding procedures, along with a corresponding electronic consent form, via email. This affords the patient more time to consider the risks and benefits in the comfort of their home. It also reduces the need for additional in-person appointments at the hospital in line with COVID-19 regulations and supports the NHS’ paperless mission. The comprehensive and fully auditable process provides an additional level of assurance for the clinician and provider, in line with advice resulting from the Montgomery case.

In maternity, we launched our Personal Health Record (PHR) in Euroking to give expectant and new mothers a single online source of information relating to their pregnancy, antenatal and postnatal care. With so much antenatal care being moved to online and phone consultations, this is more crucial than ever before.

New and expectant mothers can log on to the PHR from desktop and mobile devices to view a full range of information leaflets and advice relating to specific conditions. Likewise, healthcare professionals including midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists can review comprehensive pregnancy records conveniently and securely. This all contributes to greater efficiency and improved availability of information, in what has traditionally been a paper heavy process.

As the Personal Health Record is an integral part of the Euroking solution, mothers also have access to their full pregnancy medical records, including their pre-and post-pregnancy appointments, which they can review and contribute to.

Secure information sharing

In the report, the authors said: “By sharing resources, developing our workforce and making better use of technology, our ambition is to significantly improve the health and wellbeing of people in all of our communities, through the provision of safe and sustainable services and the prevention of ill health”.

It’s important that clinicians and care providers have access to joined-up electronic patient records to ensure decisions about their patients can be made quickly and safely, with visibility of all relevant information. Our electronic health solutions are designed to do just that.

Stratus is an easy to deploy connectivity and viewing platform that has been designed around two clear principles; to find the patient record quickly, and to provide a comprehensive history from different systems and data sources, wherever it is located and without duplication. Learn more about Stratus EDMS System.

Customisable data collection forms support the retrieval of new patient data where formal systems haven’t yet replaced remaining paper processes.

We already provide services to more than 80% of NHS Trusts and hospitals and are able to use these existing technology platforms, as well as our experience of clinical system integration, to provide healthcare organisations with a route to connecting otherwise siloed or difficult to collate records.

To find out more about how Wellbeing Software can help you reach your digital goals please get in touch with us today.

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