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Wellbeing Software Joining the Dots with Connected Radiology Programme

Radiology departments play an essential role in the diagnostic process and as a result operate at the intersection of a vast array of healthcare services. This means they need to work faster and smarter. However, a consequence of fewer radiologists and growing demands has left services stretched beyond capacity, resulting in reporting delays – in some cases impacting cancer diagnosis – as well as fines from the Care Quality Commission.

That is why we have launched a new Connected Radiology Programme to help departments share resources, improve workflows and reduce the impact of reporting backlogs. You can learn more about teleradiology in this article.

Why should you join the Programme?
Home to the largest radiology user network in the UK, our technology is collectively used by more than 80% of NHS organisations. We have been enabling full cross site RIS workflows for years, with a team of experts that are on hand to help organisations succeed.

Used in over 700 locations and generating 25 million imaging events per year, we are home to the most widely used RIS on the market, Cris. We have made major investments in our product roadmap; built by our large UK-based product team and delivered by our expert RIS project managers. This means we have users and ready-made integrations and installations waiting to collaborate.

Whether you’re already a member of our extensive national RIS user-base, or a user of a minority RIS system, we can help you connect the dots to enable regional working, improved efficiency, and maximised reporting capacity – all by taking a simple approach that uses existing technology where possible.

Interested in learning more? Sign up to our Connected Radiology Programme today for your free viability review.

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