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Keeping COVID-19 Vaccines on Track with efficienC

While the development and testing of the COVID-19 vaccine has taken place in labs and hospitals around the world, arguably one of the more challenging phases will be the process of administering the vaccine to the population in a timely and fair manner.

The vaccination rollout has been incredibly successful so far and a leading example for the rest of Europe. More than 20 million people have received their first dose, and 800,000 are fully vaccinated as of March 2021. The government hopes to immunise the entire population by the end of the year through hospitals, local GP practices and vaccination hubs, which makes the dataset extraordinarily large and the task of scheduling and keeping track of vaccines very complex.

In order to carry out the large-scale vaccination programme, clinical providers need access to a centralised, digital repository of patient records and an effective communication channel with patients. This ensures that appointments are scheduled appropriately and reduces the likelihood of wasted vaccines due to patients failing to attend their allocated slot.

Wellbeing is here to help with efficienC

The importance of two-way patient communication and up to date digital health records cannot be overstated. As a trusted partner to the NHS, we are your healthcare data integration and connectivity experts.

efficienC works seamlessly with the Cris software patient database, to provide secure and accurate patient data to support targeted campaigns. Our efficienC patient contact solution can support the identification of patients in particular age groups, inviting them to come forward for their vaccination.

Patients will receive a text message inviting them to arrange a vaccination and giving them all the information needed to do so. Timely reminders can also be sent to patients who already have a scheduled appointment. To reduce the prevalence of missed appointments, efficienC sends a reminder and requests a text confirmation from the patient in advance of their vaccinations. This also allows clinics to manage and fill any cancelled slots, maximising the utilisation of available vaccines.

As well as being an important tool in vaccination programmes, efficienC can also be used as an appointment reminder and DNA prevention solution in radiology departments across the NHS. If your organisation or trust is looking to implement a more efficient and more effective appointment scheduling strategy, find out more about our healthcare software.

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