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SWASH Consortium Renews RIS Contract with Wellbeing Software

The Salisbury, Wight and South Hampshire hospital consortium has renewed its Cris contract for a further seven years

The Salisbury, Wight and South Hampshire domain trusts (SWASH) have renewed their Radiology Information System (RIS) contract with Wellbeing Software for another seven years.

The consortium Trusts are long-standing customers of Wellbeing’s Cris solution. Cris is the most widely used RIS system in the UK and is currently deployed in over 700 locations, supporting more than 200,000 users and 25 million imaging events per year.

As part of the renewed contract, Trusts within the consortium have taken on a number of new modules including Cris Mobile, which provides all the features that a radiographer needs while on the move without the need to visit a Cris workstation. Cris Mobile supports paperless workflows, digital patient capture and improved clinical safety as the radiographer has access to the live Cris database rather than a point in time. Other mobile features include full identity verification, room work lists, customisable safety forms with e-signature and post imaging documentation. The consortium have also implemented self-check-in units and XDS (cross-enterprise document sharing), an industry standard service for document and image sharing across multiple organisations.

The consortium have also introduced a series of solution enhancements, including an algorithm developed by Wellbeing that automatically merges duplicate patient records based on agreed criteria, vastly reducing the time required to complete manual checking and merging. The system also supports healthcare data integration with multiple tele-radiology providers and other third-party systems such as maternity, cardiolog and patient management software.

Kate Smith, Commercial Director at Wellbeing Software said:

“SWASH as a consortium work very well together with team leaders designated to represent the consortium as an entity. They recognise the crucial role that digital technology will play in helping the NHS to reset and ensure quality of care in the transition to the new normal. Our Cris and Cris Connect, solutions which the consortium has, enable radiologists across different organisations to collaborate and leverage access to scarce or specialist skills. We are proud that SWASH continues to value our services and look forward to sharing new enhancements over the coming months.”

Richard Lewis, Head of Radiology Digital Solutions at UHS on behalf of SWASH said:

“Wellbeing have played a key role in many SWASH developments during the term of our previous contract, working collaboratively with Trusts and other suppliers in the continuous design and development of a service that is dynamic to the needs of a consortia.  This has been achieved without dictating a one size fits all solution that stymies individual trust projects.

“From a review of the Wellbeing roadmap it is clear that the SWASH vision to continue to innovate and transform radiology services for the betterment of staff and patient experiences is still a shared vision and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Wellbeing for a further 7 years.”


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