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Wellbeing Software Empowers Mothers with new Personal Health Record

Wellbeing Software, the company behind Euroking – the UK’s market leading Maternity Information System – has launched a new Personal Health Record (PHR) to give expectant and new mothers a single online source of information relating to their pregnancy, antenatal and postnatal care.

New and expectant mothers can log on to the PHR from desktop and mobile devices to view a full range of brochures and advice relating to specific conditions that they are otherwise required to carry around in paper formats. Likewise healthcare professionals including midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists can review pregnancy records and use their training to make the best decisions for the provision of care.

As the Personal Health Record is an integral part of the Euroking solution, mothers also have access to their full pregnancy medical records, including all of their pre and post-pregnancy appointments.

As well as being part of the drive to reduce costly and error-prone paper processes, the PHR enables mothers to access information anytime, anywhere, granting them greater clarity and control over their care and birth preparation, something that is key to the NHS’s Better Births initiative. Interactive planning between parents and medical staff is supported, so that decisions such as preferred pain relief, whether the father is present at the birth, and who is to cut the umbilical cord can be discussed, recorded and referred to centrally.

Confidential information on the mother and private communications between medical practitioners which take place through the Euroking platform are also protected, ensuring that all information is only available to authorised users. Women are granted their own unique login credentials to the PHR by their relevant NHS Trust.

Graham Ridgway, CEO of Wellbeing Software, said: “Pregnancy is a journey for everyone involved and expectant mothers spend almost a year engaging with multiple services and healthcare practitioners, picking up huge volumes of information and making a vast array of decisions. Carrying that information around in paper-based formats is not only unreliable, it also creates additional pressure for the mother and potential confusion if the right documents are not available at the right time

“By developing this Personal Health Record, we’re aiming to put visibility and autonomy back in the hands of expectant and new mothers, as well as making it much easier for all those disparate teams of healthcare workers to have access to the same streamlined information source. This PHR is about empowering the women who are at the heart of every maternity care interaction.”

The launch of the Personal Health Record is part of Wellbeing’s wider drive to connect healthcare information from multiple sources, providing a single source of information for clinicians and patients alike. In turn, this enhances efficiency, delivers greater continuity of care and can be the foundation for more collaborative and joined-up healthcare interventions.

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