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Healthcare Data Integration Services

All of our healthcare software solutions are designed as part of a drive to connect healthcare, consolidating and connecting different sources of information so that disparate services can work together more effectively.

As such, our healthcare IT solutions have been developed with interoperability at their core, and are designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of healthcare information systems, tools and technologies.

We offer a full integration service to ensure that these integrations are carried out cleanly and comprehensively, retaining compliance with all relevant regulatory frameworks and protecting both the integrity of your data and the efficiency of your operations.

Our Healthcare Data Integration Services

Wellbeing Software are trusted advisers to organisations who want to connect diagnostic services across regions. Although we are notably recognised for our radiology information system, our integration services are not just image-based but provide the ability to share medical records and information across many of the technologies. From single site to consortia and national installations, we are integration and connectivity experts providing patient matching services for large record sharing projects. Not only can we bring new solutions to a Trust, but we can work within an existing organisational workflow and integrate with present software and hardware such as ultrasound machines, incident management systems and RIS / PACS. Below we explore our integration offering in more detail.

Cris Connect

Cris Connect is the route to connected radiology, breaking down organisational boundaries with our national network of radiology customers. Cris Connect links RIS workflows across multiple sites, including Cris and other RIS / PACS systems. It has been designed to support multiple organisational pathways, including reporting, scheduling, and vetting – these workflows can be adopted across single instance groupings or distributed installations. The central Cris Connect dashboard enables clinicians to access the information they need using intelligent filtering. Smart rules can also be set to allocate work centrally and displayed in accordance with local preferences.


Stratus Shared Records connects patient records across organisations, creating and enhancing regional shared care programmes. The secure cloud-based installation connects to many different data sources using Open Standards. Electronic Health Records can either be streamed on demand from a Trust’s source system or published on the central store. We favour Open Standards but where systems are unable to comply, our integration engine can accommodate other methods of data or document transfer. Strict user management allows robust control and rigorous capabilities.

Euroking Connect

Euroking Connect is a complete maternity information system in one single platform. It improves maternity care through shared records and provides clinicians with one single platform for accessing maternity information from a variety of otherwise separate sources. By creating an integrated view of all records related to a mother and baby, Euroking Connect helps digitise information, enhance clinical workflows, and improve care received during pregnancy and after birth.

AI Connect

AI Connect enables the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into existing radiology workflows. Our integration gateway provides healthcare organisations with a simple route to radiology AI adoption, enabling multiple algorithms to be embedded within existing workflows. We enable AI providers to connect their algorithms with existing healthcare systems and working processes, addressing the technical challenges to clear the way for accelerated rollout.

Apollo Connect

Apollo Connect provides instant, secure, and integrated access to Primary Care records from any practice. It offers an instant and compliant method of accessing patient records on demand from our huge network of connected GP practices and from all major GP systems. It supports both direct clinical care such as checking current medications but can also support larger scale data extraction for care planning such as population health management.

Healthcare Integration with Wellbeing Software delivers:

A comprehensive overview of all patient information

A full picture of the patient can be viewed whenever, wherever . The clinician making decisions in the care and treatment of the patient can view cumulative lab data; primary care information including medications and necessary digital images. Healthcare data integration equips the clinician with effective tools for safer decisions and reduces errors caused by fragmented and unavailable patient information. Live updates can be sent across geographical boundaries out of hours to available subspecialists for expert advice on complex cases. Or staffing issues can be overcome using off-site clinicians.

Optimised deployment of service resources

Harnessing the power of digital technology to provide sustainable healthcare integration enables the strategic use of resources within organisations. Operational management of patient flow within departments and across care pathways is reformed and modernised; with greater control of capacity and demand both in the short term and for future service planning. There is reduced paper administration, with the booking in and following up of patients becoming automated. All this frees up precious time which can be directed elsewhere to improve the care of the individual patient. The overall patient experience and outcomes can therefore be drastically improved.

Efficient use of existing investment

Wellbeing Software provides effective healthcare data integration which negates the need to invest in the complete replacement of existing third-party software. Compatible with local systems, our solutions allow users to continue with familiar platforms. We work in partnership with our clients to produce a citizen-centered roadmap to digital connectivity.

Why choose our patient management software?

Healthcare integration is our speciality

Our services offer digital solutions across different domains to hospitals and primary care organisations. We have over thirty years of experience in the NHS and private sector in the UK. As leading providers, we have unparalleled experience in linking up maternity, radiology, oncology, pathology, digital health records, and data management systems. Our teams who develop and install our specialist healthcare software solutions are industry experts and are major innovators in their chosen discipline.

Established network waiting to be linked up

The effective management of patient data and promoting a practice of shared working is key to providing optimum population health. Having built on the foundations and core strengths within Wellbeing Software, we are currently providing our expert solutions for healthcare integration to over 80% of NHS organisations. Our trusted products continue to provide equitable digital healthcare communication tools to enable effective collaborative working across wide areas and structural divides.

Dedicated to first-class customer service

It is our mission to enable better patient outcomes by delivering digital healthcare integration with a strong commitment to excellent customer service. We’re continually reviewing how we support our clients, ensuring engagement at every step of the installation process. Clients receive automated access to a customer support team and specialist expertise, enabling questions to be answered and help to be provided. We draw on unrivalled development resources, clinical expertise and digital healthcare technology experience to ensure optimal client collaboration.

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