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Clinician Software Solutions

Wellbeing Software provides comprehensive and intuitive clinician software that consolidates information in one single platform from otherwise separate sources. Clinicians and care providers can easily access Euroking, Cris, Charm, or our other specialist solutions to help make safe and efficient clinical decisions in a timely manner.

What Hospital Software do we provide?

A combination of industry knowledge and technological expertise allows Wellbeing Software to create communicative clinical information systems that work in harmony with existing platforms.


Euroking, the UK’s leading maternity information system, brings a complete digital record of mother and baby during pregnancy and after birth. Euroking is highly configurable for local needs and designed to support midwives and clinicians in improving maternity care.


Radiology workflows are optimised with Cris, our radiology information system that supports clinicians to work remotely from any location and improves patient flow through the department. AI Connect also works seamlessly with AI algorithms to separate thousands of radiology studies into abnormal and normal categories within 30 seconds.


Charm is our oncology information management system that supports clinicians in the therapeutic management of cancer.


A complete integrated view of all records can be enhanced with primary care data through Stratus electronic health records and Apollo, our data management system. Lastly, EVOLUTION, which is our virtual laboratory information system can improve patient care with unified pathology data.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Comprehensive information to fit specific requirements
  • Paperless workflow on the move
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Seamless connection to existing clinician software
  • Local and national standards met
  • Targeted and real-time business intelligence

Why choose our clinician software?

Proactive response to continual change

Wellbeing Software has provided clinical information systems to healthcare organisations, both public and private, for more than 30 years. We have an established footprint with a dynamic network of clinician software connected across organisational and geographical borders. From our solid grounding, we have led innovation. Digital healthcare technology naturally evolves, and so must we, whether in response to a crisis or modernising with the release of newer technology. Our industry experts are always one step ahead in the move toward connected healthcare.

Interoperability with smooth integration

Our specialist solutions enable organisations to consolidate all records relating to a patient from multiple systems through intuitive connectivity with interoperability at the core. Traditional divisions are removed, and disparate services can work together to improve patient care and experience through co-operative working. All of our healthcare software solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing platforms, tools and technologies. Our full integration service ensures a fluid adjustment and effective continuation of working practices whilst maintaining the integrity of sensitive patient data.

Availability of a wide range of training and resources

We’re continually drawing on unparalleled industry experience, clinical expertise, and developmental resources to ensure our healthcare technology’s deployment meets the client’s needs. We strive to work in partnership with our clients, providing first-class customer service to help them reach their goals in the roadmap to paperless connected healthcare, with the end goal of better patient care. All our clinical software and optional modules are supplied with comprehensive user documentation that is updated with any change to existing regulatory frameworks. Wellbeing Software provides training for any project, no matter the scale or scope and is on hand to help via multiple communication channels.

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