What does Cris Connect do?

Cris Connect is designed to connect patient records and support radiology reporting between different sites, departments, NHS Trusts and organisations. It is built on years of experience and understanding of radiology workflows and reporting requirements.

Key Benefits & Features


Wide area radiology workflow and reporting


Easy remote working for reporting clinicians, optimising workforce capacity and reducing reliance on outsourcing


Business intelligence on capacity, demand and turnaround times, helping to drive more efficient departments and more streamlined management

Better Patient Outcomes

Improved patient treatment across multiple organisations


Wide area radiology worklists and reporting, both within and beyond radiology departments. This enables radiology services to connect more efficiently with other health services, supporting patient treatment across multiple organisations and facilitating effective sub-speciality working


A vendor-independent system with a range of flexible deployment options. This allows cris connect to be seamlessly integrated with almost every vendor’s key Health Information System (HIS)


An open standards compliant system, meaning cris connect works with your existing technology, including a full range of PACS providers, helping you operate within required governance frameworks

How cris connect works

Cris Connect provides an interoperability platform that allows cross organisational reporting and workflow. It uses an approach which maintains existing clinical feeder systems, reconciles patient demographic variables and removes the requirement for costly replacement programmes, data migrations and service interruptions. The solution is scalable, standards conformant and delivers industry leading storage and image streaming technologies which require minimal client resources.

RIS functionality on the move

Cris Reporting is our web-based reporting module. Built using the latest technology and with over 32 years expertise in RIS, it provides users with a greater level of granular reporting control with the emphasis on providing flexible work lists with enhanced functionality.

cris reporting

Define and manage rules to provide reporting clinicians with access to the relevant work lists which include separate or mixed lists of work from outside your organisation. The technology allows the reporting clinician to have a single view of imaging activity for a single patient across multiple organisations.

cris connect modules


Reporting is a web-based solution designed to offer truly granular reporting control, tailored according to latest clinical guidelines such as those from the royal college (RCR). The module enables a range of different types of reporting, as well as peer-to-peer feedback between users. CRIS Reporting uses our brand new PACS integration technology which seamlessly integrates with all major PACS vendors.

Better Together

Download our six-point guide to sharing imaging information across organisations.

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