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Wellbeing Software offers intuitive and state of the art healthcare IT solutions to facilitate the vital work of clinicians and care providers. Our specialist systems, data management software and electronic healthcare records are designed to be robust and scalable with maximum interoperability to optimise patient care.

By building on our foundations and learning by experience, Wellbeing Software continues to provide integrated healthcare IT systems that are trusted by over 80% of NHS organisations in the UK and Ireland.

Following the acquisition by Citadel in 2020, we have extensively added to our portfolio of expert healthcare IT solutions.Together, Citadel and Wellbeing Software, through unrivalled expertise, advance digital connectivity in radiology, maternity, pathology, oncology, data management and electronic healthcare records. Our mission is to give healthcare organisations the digital tools to improve patient care by enabling improved workflow efficiencies, strengthened capacities and optimised diagnostic processes.

Our integrated healthcare IT solutions overcome structural divides and enhance collaboration between health and care providers.

Wellbeing Software provides healthcare IT solutions for:


Cris, our Radiology Information System (RIS), is fully IG and ISO compliant and is the most widely used RIS in the UK. Cris is consistently providing proven integrations with major PAS, PACs and EPR solutions and is built by leading industry experts with unrivalled radiology workflow experience. Cris meets all relevant clinical and corporate standards. The radiology solutions, including specialist ultrasound reporting software, can be customisable to meet the needs of the user.


Charm Evolution is a healthcare IT system that supports the oncology department and multidisciplinary teams involved in the treatment of cancer. Our oncology software is compliant with standards for electronic data exchange and integrates with multiple local platforms used in both the public and private health systems. Charm Evolution enables patients to benefit from a safer and more efficient journey by optimising systems and processes that underpin cancer care.

Electronic Health Records

Having an established grounding in the healthcare communications world with specialist healthcare IT solutions, Wellbeing Software is at the forefront of digitally integrated systems. With Stratus, our electronic health records software, the clinicians can make fully informed clinical decisions based on the available medical and social background as complete patient records are accessible to them at the point of diagnosis and treatment. Stratus provides healthcare organisations with a route to connecting otherwise disparate working.


Wellbeing Software has long-standing expertise in ultrasound reporting software and image management designed for maternity with Euroking and Euroking Connect. Our solutions connect with existing healthcare IT systems to enhance and improve user experience and optimise patient care.

With Euroking and Euroking Connect, inefficiencies within the workflow are minimised, and information relating to the mother and baby can be accessed from a single point using proven integration gateways. Our maternity software combines information related to pregnancy and birth, including that gathered by local care providers, helping maternity departments adopt entirely digital processes and move towards paperless working.

Data Management Services

Apollo, our data management healthcare IT system, securely sources data from major GP clinical systems. Together with Stratus, Apollo uses primary care data to build a complete picture of the patient, which can be accessed at a necessary time and location. As a result, Apollo enhances the ability of the healthcare organisation to proactively address national health requirements, with more granular information at their fingertips.


Evolution vLab, our solution to digital integration of pathology services, is a configurable and scalable Virtual Laboratory Information System. Evolution vLab is designed to provide a flexible service model that allows secure access at any time from any location. It offers a best practice approach to enterprise connected health, delivering a single unified pathology service with a mobile workforce and testing at the point of care.

Key Benefits & Features

Customisable healthcare IT systems to meet the needs of the organisation
Comprehensive systems including ultrasound reporting software
Seamless connection with local platforms and other healthcare technology systems.
Real-time access to Primary Care GP data
Reduced duplication of tests and procedures

Latest Case Studies

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Cris Communicator Improving Communications

Why Wellbeing Software

Established Footprint

We’re the market’s leading provider of healthcare IT solutions to the NHS with over thirty years of experience in developing and integrating our specialist software in healthcare organisations.

Digitally Integrated Care Pathways

Our healthcare technology systems provide the tools for seamless transitions between healthcare providers and enable organisations to collate patient information from wide geographical and organisational borders.

Continual Investment

We’re continually investing our time in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our systems. We listen and we work with our clients to create software that meets the needs of modern healthcare.

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