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Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring

Our Intrapartum module delivers real-time observations during labour which can be accessed from any location by expert clinicians. It provides an overview of admissions enabling prioritisation of high-risk cases and effective management of workflow

The highly configurable Intrapartum module offered by Wellbeing Software can help to provide improved outcomes, experience and safer patient care throughout the birthing process. Any authorised clinician can have secure access and effectively monitor instantaneous digital observations before, during and after labour.

This fully auditable retrieval of vital data from the system can be achieved through the use of the easy to use, web-based interface. The responsive module can run on existing desktops and any mobile device not restricted by geographical boundaries.

Euroking Connect, our clinic software solution to digitally interconnected maternity healthcare provides a complete picture of the maternity pathway. Patients can have joined up care with the integration of maternity services vertically and horizontally within the system.

Our intrapartum fetal monitoring software can:

Provide access to real-time observations during labour

The easy-to-use clinical interface provides the user with direct access to all observations of mother and baby during intrapartum care which results in the prevention of delays in referrals for escalation and vital interventions. The innovative solution for data capture and monitoring of observations enables a truly integrated approach to digital technology.

Prioritise workflow with immediate feedback for concerns

Intrapartum gives an overarching view of the workload in the labour department which can be monitored and managed effectively. The control of the flow within the department can support clinical decision making, with prioritisation depending on the level of care required. The intrapartum module immediately flags up and reports any areas of concern. More urgent cases can be efficiently managed, effectively mitigating any risk to mother and baby.

Modernise Intrapartum care

With new models of care within the NHS emerging, interoperability through connected digital platforms is key to optimum patient care. Trusts can be provided with a full digital maternity record with Euroking, the leading maternity information system. The versatility and useability of the software improves the quality of the data capture. This reduces litigation risks whilst supporting in the development of standards in the move to go completely paperless, working in line with the NHS mission to be paperless by 2023.

Euroking Case Studies

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Key Benefits & Features

  • Real-time access to observations during intrapartum care
  • Management and prioritisation of workflow depending on level of risk
  • The Intrapartum module gives instantaneous feedback of non-reassuring or abnormal observations highlighting risk which can be effectively escalated
  • Innovative integrated care system with the enablement of shared decision making
  • Complete consolidation of maternity services
  • Standardised diagnostic coding with transparent and seamless data flow

Why use our Intrapartum software?

We are leaders in maternity digital technology

Wellbeing Software is trusted by 80% of NHS organisations as a leading healthcare technology provider. Our specialist systems can be connected to third party software enabling complete connectivity in the digital transformation of the healthcare world. The NHS confirmed that Euroking is the market leader in maternity information systems and its continued advances lead to optimum patient care during pregnancy, birth and beyond. The Intrapartum module within Euroking helps to provide a complete picture of mother and baby during labour, and therefore care can be provided by the right clinical team at the right time.

Secure working across geographical boundaries

Through our commitment to ensure patient data is always kept safe, organisations can share records securely knowing world-class cyber-security standards are in place. With Euroking Connect complete records of pregnancy through to birth can be reviewed by clinicians using any mobile or desktop with an easy-to-use interface. The Intrapartum module can be accessed from any location with a secure internet connection and is fully auditable, providing accountability and transparency, ensuring healthcare standards in handling sensitive patient data can be maintained.

Continuous investments into innovative improvements

The joining up of patient care is a priority for healthcare services. The NHS is investing significant time and money in creating an integrated care system across the health and social sector that improves every patient’s journey across care pathways. Effective digital innovations work to provide seamless care delivery across separate health and care settings.

At Wellbeing Software, our established footprint and our continuing advancements provide innovative solutions that digitally consolidate patient medical records and enables sharing between often siloed systems. This gives clinicians access to a complete overview of the patient from a health and social care perspective, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their care. For over thirty years we have been investing in and developing our maternity software in the UK, creating a foundation in which to build on our first-class service to maternity and intrapartum care.

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