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EVOLUTION is an innovative and scalable LIMS Software.

LIMS: a virtual Laboratory Information Management System that provides thousands of healthcare professionals access to a full range of diagnostic patient data from one place. It enables better management of lab data to improve patient care and increase efficiencies within the healthcare setting.

Our LIMS software EVOLUTION is uniquely designed to provide secure and auditable access to all pathology data relating to a patient from a single central point, anywhere, at any time. By creating an effective and fully integrated view of an individual patient’s diagnostic records, clinicians are able to make timely and informed decisions regarding a patient’s care based on cumulative trends and most recent lab data from multiple sites. Through our LIMS software, greatly improved multi-disciplinary working can be achieved through the interconnectivity of information across departments in a single site, or across multiple sites in a single organisation.

Our expertise and knowledge at Wellbeing Software have created a LIMS system that improves the patient’s journey through the healthcare system, minimising burden on the individual through duplication of testing across disparate and often siloed settings. This speeds up diagnosis and the potential treatment of life-limiting diseases such as cancer, ultimately allowing for efficient patient-centred and highly optimised care with improved health outcomes.

EVOLUTION LIMS software delivers

A fully integrated and comprehensive view of all pathology records in one place.

Our innovative and technologically advanced LIMS software solution EVOLUTION can provide the most recent and full cumulative pathology test results taken from multiple laboratory and pathology sites to clinicians across a wider healthcare setting. Creating a unified LIMS system improves integrated clinical decision making, improved trust in the healthcare professional, and the optimisation of individual patient care.

Increased diagnostic capacity and efficiencies between tests and results.

Wellbeing’s EVOLUTION LIMS system pulls together all the necessary multiple patient diagnostic screening, images, reports, and results into one central place that may otherwise be duplicated in disparate systems. Providing testing closer to the point of care allows samples to be collected and analysed more rapidly, providing the clinician with the latest results on which to base vital clinical decisions.. The risk of duplication of testing from requesting healthcare professionals is minimised, reducing the unnecessary burden on the patient and preventing the backlog in testing and diagnosis in the healthcare setting caused by avoidable multiple testing.

Optimum use of healthcare funding

Improved efficiencies from testing to results to diagnosis, through utilisation of the LIMS system, enables better time management; transparency across the system, and improved use of staffing resources leading to a reduced healthcare budget being required for administration costs and overheads.

LIMS Software Key Benefits & Features

  • Access to quality lab data anywhere, anytime.
  • Efficient and timely diagnostics
  • Integrated pathways with the continuance of care
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Economical advantages with reduced administration costs
  • Auditable and secure to ensure regulatory compliance

Why Evolution LIMS?

We are a well established LIMS software expert.

Recently, Wellbeing Software has been acquired by Citadel Health, a leading company in connecting digital healthcare with software solutions. In the last 25 years, Citadel Health has transformed pathology services across Australia and has successfully accomplished numerous installations of the EVOLUTION LIMS system connecting the digital pathology pathway. The largest project was the creation of one unified LIMS from the consolidation of thirty-four laboratories from multiple disparate systems allowing for an effective and efficient interconnected care system.

Delivering integrated care through accessible data from one central point.

Our advanced and highly specialised LIMS Evolution system, which continues to expand and improve today, remains to progress workflows enabling daily access to more than 50,000 healthcare professionals providing care for over five million people across 715,000 squares miles in Australia.

Through Citadel’s clinical and technical expertise, Wellbeing Software aims to extend and develop the software solutions within the UK’s private and public healthcare systems, providing first-class customer service. This linking up of single and multiple pathology sites enables comprehensive and potentially life-saving data to be readily and easily accessed by clinical professionals wherever they are based at whatever time the information is required.

Continued innovation and development

At Wellbeing Software we continue to invest in our technical healthcare solutions including our specialist connective pathology service LIMS system, improving on the efficiencies and overall effectiveness of the software provided to aid with the connectivity of pathways for the individual patient journey. We use our unique long-standing and deeply established healthcare footprint to draw on knowledge and experience to continually progress in the technical healthcare communications environment; finding new ways to connect all our software solutions to maximise efficiencies in the diagnostic process.

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