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Wellbeing Software supports the majority of NHS organisations in the UK with medical imaging solutions through Cris. Cris is an advanced radiology information system (RIS) is a medical imaging system promoting efficient workflows, improved patient care, and reduced barriers to collaborative health.

Cris, being IG, and ISO compliant, can provide a fully integrated imaging and reporting solution engineered to meet the increasing demands of hospital and clinic imaging departments. With an already established footprint, Cris software is promoting efficiency in more than 700 sites that support the requirements for 25 million medical images each year for over 200,000 users.

With a modernised system in the radiology sector, patients can be booked in for their appointment, seen. reviewed, and dealt with much more smoothly and effectively than through traditional paper methods. Recent medical images can be compared to a baseline and shared easily and securely with consultants for a fully collaborative approach to radiology practices. Reports can be run and analysed enabling clinical governance and auditing of working processes.

Being well respected in the technical healthcare environment for creating innovative and technologically advanced digital communication solutions in healthcare, Wellbeing Software continues to revolutionise radiology imaging connectivity.

The benefits of Cris medical imaging Software

A step away from traditional paper systems

With complete paperless working, the patient journey can be made seamless from the visit to the GP to clinical follow-up. Patients due to come in for their appointment can be easily scheduled, and no-shows can be recorded, reported, and followed through efficiently. Individualised patient care can be achieved through direct and timely access to all historical and recent images from the medical imaging system and a review of progress carried out and followed up effortlessly.

Fully compliant, auditable and secure access

Our solution to improving workflow and building on existing medical imaging software combines innovative design with an assurance to protect highly sensitive patient data, in accordance with The Royal College of Radiologists Guidelines. Cris is fully ISO and IG certified using trusted cybersecurity systems. Access to the RIS is completely auditable allowing for extensive reports to be easily generated based on the users and activity in the system.

Optimum patient care

A unified workflow throughout the whole radiology pathway allows for improved and individual patient-centred care. The ability to compare historical medical images with recent scans enables faster processing between analysis and diagnosis. With greater efficiency, patients can spend less time waiting and more time with the clinical practitioner, allowing for the building of trust within the patient-clinician relationship.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced user experience with new web modules.
Built by industry experts with unrivalled RIS workflow experience.
Managing more reports than any other RIS. Supports latest clinical guidelines, peer review and blind reporting workflows.
Cris has been doing full cross site RIS workflows including vetting and scheduling for years.
Proven integrations with all major PAS, PACS and EPR solutions.
Wide variety of specialist modules including nuclear medicine and obstetrics.

Cris Case Studies

View and download our latest case studies by clicking the links below.

Cris Communicator Improving Communications

Key Benefits & Features

Key Benefits & Features of connecting up medical imaging software with RIS

  • Built by leading experts in modern healthcare communication systems with unparalleled experience of RIS
  • Longstanding integrations of RIS systems which includes scheduling and vetting
  • Building on the foundations of existing PAS, PACS and EPR solutions
  • Enhancement of user experience with a range of specialist modules which include obstetrics and nuclear medicine.
  • Fully auditable, allowing extensive reports to be generated
  • Compliant with IG and ISO requirements for secure and safeguarded access

Why choose Cris for medical imaging software solutions?

Radiology workflow and departmental management is ‘what we do’

Well established radiology workflow and management expertise

Our specialist radiology business, previously known as HSS has been working in multiple radiology departments within the UK for numerous years. With a strong footing and expert knowledge of medical imaging software, Wellbeing Software has successfully progressed and continually developed, adapting solutions to meet the requirements of the large customer network.

Technologically advanced software information systems

With a UK-based product development team, Wellbeing has drawn on and invested considerably in leading industry expert knowledge and experience to continue to advance digital healthcare solutions. Our specialised systems including Cris, , have enabled customers to achieve their key objectives to successfully streamline their workflows within a continually evolving healthcare world.

A nationwide network of RIS

Wellbeing software is a trusted supplier of software solutions to more than 80% of NHS healthcare organisations. As part of this, Cris is the most popular radiology information system providing effective management of existing platforms through interdepartmental and cross-network connectivity of medical imaging software. Cris can build on foundations and enable efficiencies right across the system, improving productivity and enabling the optimisation of patient care with improved health outcomes.

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