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Replacing MIQUEST with Apollo

Organisations who have previously relied upon MIQUEST to extract data from GP Clinical Systems can now select a secure, automated GP data management service that will meet all existing and future requirements.

As MIQUEST is not compatible with SNOMED CT, a structured clinical vocabulary for use in an electronic health record, the data extraction tool will be retired at the end of December 2019. Healthcare organisations therefore need to take active measures to find a MIQUEST replacement.

Wellbeing Data Management Service’s Apollo solution meets all existing functionality offered by the MIQUEST tool with all of the added features, increased granularity and benefits highlighted below.

Key Benefits & Features

Free Reporting Engine

Compatible with all GP Systems

Scheduled Runs

Consolidated View of Practice Report Run

Report on Practice Data Without User Login

Encryption at source

Automated Query Delivery

Result Delivery to Designated End Point(s)

Report on Daily Data

Fully Managed Service

SNOMED CT compatible

Replacing MIQUEST

NHS Digital is  no longer supporting future development work for MIQUEST and NHS organisations are required to have an alternative in place by December 2019 when NHS Digital’s existing GPSOC contract expires and MIQUEST is retired.

Wellbeing Data Management Services is your perfect partner for assisting in the replacement of MIQUEST with its superior Apollo solution.

Apollo (MiQuest Replacement) Guide

Download our Apollo (MiQuest Replacement) Guide as a PDF.

Download PDF 

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