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Patient Management Software Solutions

Optimising patient care through complete digitisation of the patient management system is a core philosophy at Wellbeing Software. A unified approach to healthcare technology enables vital patient information to reach the right clinician at the right time and a consolidated view of all necessary patient information to be seen.

A connected experience

Previously fragmented information of the patient’s clinical background can now be viewed in one place. This helps to ensure that fully informed clinical decisions can be made, helping to greatly improve patient outcomes. Our patient management software includes:

Apollo Data Management Services

Apollo Data Management Services offers a a complete picture of the patient. Data can be securely extracted from all of the four major clinical systems in primary care, which means the patient’s medical history, medications, recent consultations and corresponding documents can be easily accessed from one place. This eliminates the issues that arise when the patient has several comorbidities treated by different clinicians, often working in silo.


Our Stratus Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is designed around two clear principles; to find the patient record quickly, and easily locate relevant information. The Stratus processing engine enables large, scanned documents to be indexed and categorised without the need for manual handling, cutting project costs considerably and forming a key part of a digital health strategy.


EVOLUTION is our virtual laboratory information system to pathology services. EVOLUTION seamlessly aligns to create an integrated patient management system. This allows cumulative trends and recent lab data to be easily analysed alongside patient medical records. The associated costs and burden of duplication in testing when lab data is collected and analysed by clinicians from separate systems are removed.


Wellbeing Software’s dedication to healthcare technology originally led to the development of well-trusted specialist software solutions including Cris, our Radiology Information System which is established in over 700 locations. Cris enables collaborative working with the digitalisation of a vast array of diagnostic, treatment and patient monitoring services.


Euroking is the market's leading maternity information platform, delivering connected healthcare processes for the care of mother and baby in an effective and efficient manner. Euroking is the most trusted information system delivering maternity care to the NHS.


The specialist technology within the hospital environment extends to cancer care with CHARM, our advanced oncology information management solution. Our oncology software CHARM brings safe and cost-effective workflows and supports multidisciplinary teams in the provision of care to patients with cancer.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Rich data informs future investment and improvement to services
  • Fully informed clinical decisions are made in a timely manner
  • Shared care working with effective collaboration of clinical staff
  • Efficient escalation and de-escalation of more complex cases
  • Fully secure patient management software and data extraction
  • Improved transitions linking up the patient care pathway
  • Full electronic healthcare records

What can our patient management software do?

Our patient management software:

Provides clinicians with all necessary clinical information to make informed decisions

Patient data is often kept within separate systems as today’s patient is often seen by various clinicians and healthcare professionals. When making clinical decisions the professional involved in the patient’s care must rely on available information. If the data is fragmented this cannot be achieved effectively. Having a digital and integrated view of the patient ensures that the clinician is given access to all available data and safe and timely decisions can be made.

Enables a safer, smoother, and more efficient patient journey through the healthcare system.

The integration of care services is vital in modern-day healthcare. Interoperability between each patient management system ensures seamless transitions between health services and improves workflow within organisations. The rich data captured can inform future developments to quality of service, further improving and advancing the healthcare pathway.

Reduces unnecessary costs leading to savings which can be invested elsewhere

Wellbeing Software provides patient management software that is applicable across a wide range of domains and localities. Local system integration reduces the need to completely remove existing platforms. This provides significant cost savings which can be spent elsewhere for other vital healthcare services. Our software unifies and joins up disconnected healthcare systems within organisations and across geographical boundaries.

Why choose our patient management software?

Significant investments in cybersecurity

The evolving modernisation of healthcare and reliance upon health technology has created risks to organisations in the form of cyber threats. The NHS and private healthcare organisations are clear targets due to the vast array of data that can be extracted from patient management software. In order to mitigate such risks, Wellbeing Software continues to invest heavily in effective offensive and defensive cybersecurity, so reassurance can be provided that data flows efficiently and securely.

The Wellbeing Software national network

Wellbeing Software is a leading provider of specialist patient management software, digital healthcare records and data management. We know how to integrate and deliver performant healthcare communication platforms at scale. Our installations are already in situ in over 80% of NHS organisations and our industry experts ensure that they are fully compatible with existing third-party technology.

Latest technology

Innovative advancements in the healthcare environment come through ongoing major investment in our customer-driven product roadmap. Our UK based developments ensure our continuing progression, modernising and evolving with the ever-changing landscape. New specialist technology is created which advances our patient management software and can be replicated and scaled up to meet the needs of the customer.

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