What does Stratus do?

Despite a huge investment in EPR technology, many healthcare organisations still rely on paper records in and outside of the organisation. This creates a siloed system of health reporting, with key clinical information from paper forms mistakenly omitted from digital records.

Stratus has two simple design principles; to find the patient quickly, and to find the relevant content without delay. It can digitise paper records almost immediately, with data captured using open standards and stored or sent to the appropriate system.

With Stratus, clinicians have access to a unified, connected view of patient activity delivered through an intuitive user interface. Stratus also supports wide regional sharing projects by enabling a unified view of patient activity across many organisations.

Key Benefits


Achieve cost effective paperless working by complementing your EPR strategy

Digitised medical records

Give clinicians a view of all digitised medical records including medical images

Data consolidation

Connect data from many sources and consolidate legacy systems into one unified platform

Regional working

Supports regional working and record sharing programmes

Powerful digitisation of records

Document engine has processed millions of NHS records to date

Despite a huge investment in EPR technology, many healthcare providers are still reliant on the movement of paper records inside and outside the organisation. This creates a two tier system of health records with key clinical information missing from the digital health record. With Stratus, clinicians get to see a rich connected view of patient activity including medical images. Stratus’ document management engine makes scanning your medical records simple, you can use lower cost bulk scanning methods which require no manual intervention. The document recognition technology then categorises the scanned documents into the right place for the virtual medical record. This means that clinical time is used efficiently as clinicians don’t need to scroll through massive scanned images to find relevant content.

A clinician's portal supporting your EPR strategy

The complete organisational view of the patient

Stratus gives the clinician a modern and intuitive user interface which clearly shows the entire patient record. There are a number of views to available including a patient timeline view which allows clinicians to see all patient activity and documents at a glance. Stratus allows healthcare organisations to integrate many different sources of patient content in a single view. Wellbeing Software are experts in integrating healthcare systems and have active integrations to all major PAS and EPR suppliers.

Supporting regional working and record sharing

View and share patient records, including primary care information

Stratus can support your wide regional sharing projects by showing a unified view of all patient activity across many organisations. Clinicians can easily see activity from their organisation as well as relevant information from external organisations. The full consent and security model means that managing information governance is straightforward as long as the appropriate data sharing agreements are in place. This allows clinicians to reduce the need for repeat tests and imaging if the patient has previously had them elsewhere and supports care pathways which span many organisations. Wellbeing Software are uniquely placed to connect primary and secondary care data using Apollo Data Management Tools and Services.

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