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Our ultrasound reporting software allows for a more efficient, flexible and streamlined ultrasound workflow, through faster reporting which can be carried out in the same location as the scan. Designed for sonographers this system has numerous advantages over traditional PACS reporting, aiding in faster processing - improving patient outcomes as a result.

Ultrasound reporting workflows are optimised with Cris, our end-to-end solution that supports sonographers to work remotely and improve patient flow through the department.

What are the benefits of our ultrasound reporting software?

Our ultrasound software ensures that post-processing by the sonographer can be completed in the same location in which the sonographer will report on the ultrasound image. Although the image is never actually displayed in Cris (only on a separate screen) all reporting is carried out in one central place – the Cris RIS system. This holds a host of benefits over PACS reporting as through PACS, post-processing and reporting cannot be done in the same place.

It’s common for ultrasound results to be processed and reported straight after the scan. Through Cris, clinicians can see the ultrasound on the screen and then move into Cris to post process and report. This has many benefits including:


Reduced waiting time
Reduced reporting time
Improved interdepartmental communication
Flexibility in location
Improved patient outcomes

About Cris

Cris was produced for radiologists, by radiologists who understood the nuances and problems facing radiology departments. The software was designed to meet the needs of all three stakeholders in a hospital setting, clinicians, corporate and most importantly – patients. Cris is the most widely used RIS in the UK with full ISO and IG compliance. The ultrasound reporting function within the software is used by the majority of our Cris users, with many radiology departments benefiting from the efficiencies of the system on a daily basis.

Why Wellbeing Clinician Software?

An established leader in healthcare software

We understand that the needs of healthcare frequently change. Over the last 30 years, we’ve dedicated development time and research to create healthcare software that can adapt and meet the dynamic needs of not only patients and clinicians, but all parties involved in the efficient running of a healthcare establishment. Our healthcare technology allows for cross-departmental and cross geographical communication, unifying healthcare organisations leading to improved care for patients. You can find our software in over 700 locations - both private and NHS - supporting over 200,000 users and 25 million imaging events per year.

Cooperation with smooth integration

For too long, departments within healthcare organisations have had a fractured and fragmented experience. Our solutions are designed to integrate, with compatibility, scalability and security at the heart of our software development ethos. Our solutions allow healthcare organisations to bridge historic divisions across departments and locations, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver quality care, free of technology communication restraints. Our solutions can integrate with existing platforms, tools and technologies to maintain consistency in working practices whilst keeping patient needs at the forefront of activity.

First class support

We share in the mission of healthcare organisations to better patient outcomes and strive to meet our clients needs to ensure our radiology workflow solutions meet the needs of both radiology departments and patients. We aim to form a close partnership with our clients, providing excellent customer service, training and support in helping to reach department goals. We supply and continuously update our comprehensive user documentation, providing availability and support when you need it the most.

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