A Cris SIG is a community of Cris users, with a shared interest in advancing the efficacy of Cris products.

The SIG provides a forum for Cris users, Cris product management and developers to network, share best practices, and maximise users investments in Cris solutions. It provides the ability to collaborate and contribute feedback directly to the product team to influence product direction and enhancements.

Product users get a voice

Do you wish the product team would add a new feature or additional functionality to your Cris products? SIGs provide a direct line of communication to the product team. You can contribute important feedback that could influence the future direction of Cris products, gain an insider’s perspective on our healthcare software development plans, and will be amongst the first to learn of planned solution upgrades and enhancements.

SIG Operation

There will be 2 groups initially:
• Cris Reporting
• Cris Vetting
Additional groups will be added once these are established, and you can be a member of as many groups as you wish.


Monthly scheduled WebEx meeting during which we will:
1. Explain and demonstrate the months developments.
You will be provided with the ability to logon to the alpha box at Wellbeing enabling you to then try this over the subsequent 4 weeks and provide feedback.
2. Go through what we are planning to develop in the next month.
You will have your chance to discuss these plans prior to the start of development, and influence these plans.

What do I have to do?

Let us know if you would like to be part of a SIG and which group or groups you would like to join.

Who should become a SIG member?

To be effective, the SIGs membership needs to be appropriate. Considering the first two groups are Reporting and Vetting we need a good mix of users, with strong representation from users who create clinical reports and make formal justification decisions by vetting requests as part of their working day.

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