Wellbeing Software

Wellbeing Software is a leading healthcare technology provider trusted by more than 80% of NHS organisations.

You might already know us from working with our specialist radiology business, formerly known as HSS; home to the market’s most popular radiology information system, Cris. Or perhaps you’re familiar with Euroking, which has operated in the NHS for over 30 years and was recently confirmed as the leading maternity information system. Maybe you rely on primary care data management and extraction services through our trusted industry specialist, known as Apollo, or you may have accessed one of the new digital health solutions from our e-health innovations portfolio.

We have combined the extensive UK resources and unparalleled experience in these specialist divisions to form Wellbeing Software, uniting our core businesses to enable customers to build on existing investments in IT as a way of delivering connected healthcare records and better patient care.

Healthcare : Connected

Our ability to connect our specialist systems with other third-party software enables healthcare organisations to achieve key objectives, such as paperless working and the creation of complete electronic health records. Across multiple departments in a single organisation, or to encompass neighbouring organisations across a region, we can create connected records, building on the foundations of existing technology. This reduces the significant cost and complexity associated with replacing existing systems, while maintaining the benefits and familiarity of specialist systems for clinicians, and joining up care for patients.

The management of healthcare information and data is one of the biggest challenges the sector currently faces. Throughout a person’s life they encounter a range of health and social care services and the data obtained in each of these areas represents a complete patient history.  However, this data is often siloed within separate systems.

Through our established footprint, specialist knowledge and significant development resources, we are building the foundations for connectivity within NHS organisations and beyond.