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The Euroking commitment: Working with NHS organisations to support better births

New practices, treatments and approaches across the healthcare sector enable practitioners to achieve better outcomes and patients to experience better treatment. At Wellbeing Software, we are committed to being part of this drive for continuous improvement, by collaborating with healthcare organisations, understanding their requirements and developing our technology year-on-year.

Euroking, our maternity information system (formerly known as E3) is no exception. We want to support maternity departments, midwives and ultimately expectant mothers and their families as best as possible. Part of this means helping organisations to be aligned with the NHS’s Better Births initiative, which aims to make maternity services more personalised, professional and family-friendly – in part by granting women greater visibility and control over their own maternity care.

In this blog, we recap some of the ways in which we have enhanced and expanded Euroking over the past year in order to meet these objectives – and take a look forwards at what’s on the agenda for the next 12 months.

The Year Gone

One of the most exciting extensions we have made to Euroking over the past year is the introduction of an electronic Personal Health Record (PHR) module, enabling expectant mothers to access a digitised version of their health record throughout their maternity journey, without the need to carry paper from appointment to appointment. This forms a shared resource for mothers to work with midwives and other healthcare practitioners, updating their birth plan and other information. It is already helping women to gain more visibility and control over their maternity healthcare, in line with a key aspect of the Better Births vision.

We have also developed an integration with the Perinatal Institute’s Gestation Related Optimal Weight (GROW) application, enabling midwives to input growth measurements during pregnancy and share plotted results on a digital growth chart. Again, this provides greater visibility and clarity for mothers and clinicians alike, and helps the maternity journey to be more open, transparent and empowering for women.

The Year Ahead

We are planning more enhancements to our offline capabilities, so that midwives visiting mothers at home can continue to take notes which then automatically integrate with the main Euroking system when they return to their offices or an area with connectivity. This will make working life easier and more efficient for midwives and ensure that vital information collected in the community is not lost.

We are also continuing the introduction of an Intrapartum / Partogram fetal monitoring module, a browser-based multi-view application which enables the real-time data entry of labour and delivery information, with the Partogram element enabling real-time graphing. In turn, this supports clinicians with customisable alerts, providing observations and measurements when necessary. Alerts and alarms can be configured on a case by case basis to ensure observations are recorded in a timely manner and any high-risk trending can be reviewed immediately, and because multi-user login is supported, multiple clinicians can review progress and provide advice and support.

We are also continuing to ensure that Euroking meets all the requirements of the National Maternity Record, an ongoing NHS Digital initiative to ensure that maternity information is captured all over the country in a consistent way.

We are also continuing our development of Euroking Connect, a sister product to Euroking which enables different Trusts to share their maternity data with each other. It forms part of a wider Wellbeing Software commitment to enabling organisations to better share information and ideas, gather more detailed data on patient journeys and outcomes, and ultimately to deliver a more personalised and effective healthcare service.

A committed, collaborative future

We know that the journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond is one of the most exciting – and sometime, overwhelming – times in a woman’s life. We applaud the Better Births initiative and the work of NHS organisations, maternity providers and individual midwives and healthcare practitioners all over the country in helping make that journey as empowering and supportive as possible. Our commitment is to continue working as the collaborative and trusted partner of choice for that journey.

As we move forward, we will continue listening to women and healthcare practitioners alike to expand and enhance Euroking. This includes our annual Maternity User Group, which was recently held in Birmingham, and supporting ongoing dialogue throughout our customers, so they too can collaborate and share ideas of best practice.  If you have any suggestions or requests for how we can continue enhancing our technology in the future, get in touch!


Date published: 11th November, 2019

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