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GLEAMER Joins AI Connect Marketplace

We are happy to announce that French medical AI specialist GLEAMER has joined the AI Connect Marketplace to facilitate seamless AI adoption in bone trauma X-Rays.

BoneView is a Class IIa medical device designed to help clinicians conduct both safer and faster interpretations of traumatic X-Rays through the use of AI technology. It integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and acts as a secondary check to avoid medical errors and can be used to prioritise urgent or difficult cases.

BoneView’s AI engine has been clinically validated for clinical use on both adults and paediatric exams, evidencing a reduction of 30% in missed fractures[1]. With BoneView, medical professionals are able to achieve a 99.7% negative predictive value, which means that doctors can be confident they’re achieving a near perfect interpretation of true negative results (results under publication).

Christian Allouche, CEO of GLEAMER said: ‘Our vision is to bring powerful, validated and integrated AI solutions in clinical use, with a specific focus on user experience to drive optimal adoption. BoneView gives radiologists, emergency physicians and other X-ray readers the assistance they need to ascertain the diagnosis quickly and accurately in traumatic cases. It also has a smart work list integration capability which allows medical professionals to see which patients need to be prioritised, further improving the efficiency of radiology departments.

“As integration specialist, Wellbeing Software is perfectly placed to get our algorithms into NHS Trusts across the UK, and we look forward to working with them.”

GLEAMER is the latest AI vendor to join our AI Connect Marketplace, having chosen to integrate their technology through our AI Connect gateway, which allows hospitals to embed their chosen algorithms into their radiology workflow, no matter what RIS or PACS they’re running.

Chris Yeowart, Director at Wellbeing Software added: “Working with truly innovative companies like GLEAMER represents not only an opportunity for Wellbeing Software, but the NHS as a whole. Transformative radiology AI technology that can be embedded quickly and easily into existing workflows ultimately creates a safer and more efficient experience for patients and clinicians.”

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