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Improvements to eConsent and Introducing Medical Consent Forms

eConsent has played a significant role in making electronic consent  a permanent feature of NHS services. We recently added a Digital Signature feature which further facilitates remote consent to treatment processes, reducing contact and unnecessary visits to hospital for pre-op assessments. It enables patients to sign consent forms electronically from the comfort of their own home.

There is a new reporting feature in the latest version of eConsent which provides clinicians with a list of historic procedures. The refreshed and easy-to-use interface will enable clinicians to follow the same process to support organisational consistency and compliance, therefore reducing risk. To support Trust management and reporting, the latest version of eConsent displays which specialities are using the system.

Building on the success of eConsent and in response to customer demand, we are introducing a personalised Medical Consent module. This means clinicians can prepare for and allow patients to approve medical procedures digitally and remotely, such as blood transfusions or medical photography, in addition to surgical procedures.

With this, we can now provide a comprehensive list of bespoke electronic forms to improve the patient experience, save consultant time and standardise the information delivered during the consent to treatment process.

Find out more about our medical consent add-on and how contactless consultations have helped Trusts during the pandemic here. For more details or to arrange a demo, contact us via our website.

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