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Introducing Wellbeing Software

The Wellbeing Software Group has brought its specialist connected healthcare businesses under the new banner of a new single, consolidated healthcare technology brand, Wellbeing Software.

Our business already has a solid reputation as the parent company of four separate organisations; Apollo Medical Software Solutions, e-health Innovations, EuroKing Maternity Software Solutions, and Healthcare Software Solutions (HSS).

Working across different healthcare disciplines, all four companies focus on consolidating healthcare data and creating integrated, joined-up approaches to information sharing and collaborative working.

Now, our rebranded Wellbeing Software business will become an even better driving force behind the delivery of the most effective connected healthcare IT solutions.

Healthcare : Connected

Wellbeing Software will deliver better patient care by providing healthcare organisations with simple, integrated clinic software  technology for seamlessly accessing full patient records.

Through our specialist radiology AI and maternity information systems, the ability to connect all other healthcare software platforms and expertise in data management, our proven patient software solutions will enable clinicians to overcome structural boundaries and obtain a complete view of the patient through easy access to their electronic health records.

Proven Expertise

Our widely-used solutions already combine information from across a range of specialities, locations and services to improve workflows for healthcare professionals, enabling them to work more easily and effectively. This includes the following core areas:

  • Radiology: We run the UK’s largest independent radiology information system (RIS), storing and managing all patient information.
  • Maternity: We have provided one of the country’s leading maternity information systems for over three decades.
  • Medical data management services: We have developed bespoke solutions to meet numerous healthcare information challenges.
  • Electronic health records (EHR): We have developed bespoke and interoperable electronic health record solutions to meet numerous healthcare information challenges.


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