What does Cris do?

Cris provides an intuitive platform for managing the information that keeps radiology departments running smoothly.

It is built on years of experience and understanding of radiology workflows and reporting requirements and is interoperable with other Health Information Systems (HISs), making it the starting point for fully integrated, collaborative and scalable working methods.

Key Benefits & Features

Paperless Working

A transition to paperless working, with improvements in accuracy, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability

RIS Expertise

Gained from years of experience as a specialist RIS provider

Optimised Workflows

Through optimised access and management of information

Clinical Governance

Delivered across departments and organisations


Wide area reporting work lists, open standards compliant (HL7, DICOM, XDS), flexible deployment options with full image management option


Configurable work management, including vetting for predefined parameters and protocols


Automatically facilitated meetings for effective workforce collaboration, with local integration capabilities

cris mobile

RIS functionality on the move for your radiographers

Meet and greet your patients on the move with Cris Mobile which provides a significant step towards a complete integrated ‘paperless’ radiology workflow. We have focused heavily on the user experience and customer feedback to make the workflow truly paperless. The module uses current electronic ordering and reporting methods and incorporates familiar technology and workflows, Cris Mobile offers an efficient and secure wireless solution which works on all major tablet devices.

The app features multiple modality worklists, full post processing, contrast documentation and stock and resource allocation.

cris reporting

The next generation radiology reporting solution meeting latest clinical guidelines

Cris Reporting is our web-based reporting module. Built using the latest technology and with over 32 years expertise in RIS reporting, it provides clinicians with a greater level of reporting control with the emphasis on providing flexible work lists with enhanced functionality.

The module’s brand new user interface, derived from leading design principles, provides users with a simple, fast and configurable user experience. The solution also allows user specific worklists with flexible worklist management in a connected workflow.

Cris Reporting benefits from seamless interoperability with all major PACs vendors which enhances the overall user experience of reporting studies. This leverages our investment in context management and voice recognition technologies to ensure that the RIS remains the best way for clinicians to report.

cris analytics

Feel the power of focused radiology business intelligence

A sophisticated web-based tool that enables you to view radiology data in real time, the module provides clear, useful and valuable business information through a visual display of data in easy-to-read charts. Users are able to analyse and drill down on the metadata associated within radiology reports.

The solution supports decision making and effecting change through meaningful data analysis to support:

— Smarter use of resources and capacity management
— Monitoring quality improvement
— Predicting and preventing DNAs
— Assurances – decisions back-up by analytics and trend analysis

Cris Analytics is available as standard to all Cris customers to maximise return on investment. A professional level upgrade called ‘Cris Analytics Pro’ is available for those customers needing enterprise level analytics, access to wider data items and access to the powerful chart builder tool to create your own user defined radiology dashboards and reports.

cris modules


Analytics provides a targeted radiology specific dashboard for answering key departmental questions. The web-based user interface shows interactive charts that include the ability to access patient-specific information. The standard package is available to all CRIS customers and provides departmental managers with the information they need to optimise efficiency, while our advanced ‘Pro’ version enables the user to build customised charts and access a wider library data, supporting greater tactical and strategic decision making.


Communicator enables hospitals to improve patient safety by speeding up communication between radiology and other departments, including primary care providers. Communicator enables rapid communication with referrers to ensure patients with critical findings are seen more quickly. An audit trail of messages sent and acknowledgements received is provided.


The Cris Diary offers intuitive tools for conducting fast and efficient booking, with drag and drop functionality for bookings across multiple rooms and sites. It can accommodate complex scheduling rules with ease, such as those managing inpatients and paediatrics.


The module allows system administrators to electronically assign vetting requests to named clinicians. Predefined vetting protocols can be created and assigned to a particular event in the context of the examination being vetted and can be dynamically edited as required. The vetting list highlights bottle-necks in the workflow which enables proactive assignment or reassignment of work.


Reporting is a web-based solution designed to offer truly granular reporting control, tailored according to latest clinical guidelines such as those from the royal college (RCR). The module enables a range of different types of reporting, as well as peer-to-peer feedback between users. CRIS Reporting uses our brand new PACS integration technology which seamlessly integrates with all major PACS vendors.


The module supports collaboration within the radiology department via the automatic facilitation of meetings, such as with colleagues from other departments. Once a session has commenced, the relevant Cris reports can be accessed and new events added. Contributors to the session can then add comments and assign actions to a specific event or to the overall meeting, using VR and digital dictation.


Cris Mobile works on any major tablet device with a modern, easy-to-use interface, and presents a clear route to paperless working. It incorporates a wide range of essential forms, reports and worklists, with the ability to capture electronic signatures built in. It also enables radiographers to meet and greet efficiently and on the move.

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