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Wellbeing Software provides streamlined radiology workflow solutions and software that ensures all patient data is documented and available across departments, from patient check-in through to order comms. Through Cris, we provide a paperless, scalable and secure way to optimise workflows and improve patient outcomes.

Radiology workflows are optimised with Cris, our radiology workflow solution that empowers clinicians to work remotely from any location and improves the patient’s journey through the department.

What our radiology workflow solution can do for you

A scalable system

As a fully scalable system, you won't have to replace or search for another radiology workflow solution should your organisation grow or need to change. Our software is effective for single imaging departments all the way through to national networks. With built-in security in mind, our radiology workflow solution is ‘secure by design’ offering accredited protection such as IG and ISO certification for peace of mind.

A paperless radiology workflow

Cris is paperless, managing departmental workflows from initial check in, consultation and patient feedback digitally. Cris is the most effective radiology workflow solution with regards to managing radiology workflows digitally.

Optimised best practice with workflow

Cris was created by experienced radiology experts who understand what an effective radiology workflow should look like. Our software is also supported by active customer engagement, ensuring that the solution meets all clinical, corporate, and patient needs including RCR guidelines, peer reviewing, efficient reporting and reliable medical imaging.

Key Benefits & Features

Continuous development of new web modules and user experience
Backed by radiology experts who understand radiology workflow solutions
Managing more reports than any other radiology information system
Follows latest clinic guidelines and requirements
Many years of experience in full cross site radiology workflows including vetting, reporting, analytics, and scheduling
Includes a number of specialist features including obstetrics
Integrates seamlessly with all leading PAS, PACs and EPR solutions

Cris Case Studies

View and download our latest case studies by clicking the links below.

Cris Communicator Improving Communications

Other Features

Covid protocol friendly

We have introduced a number of features to help users maintain COVID-19 protocols, creating safer environments and working practices during the pandemic. Through Patient Attend, radiology departments can enforce social distancing practices. Our radiology workflow solution allows patients to remotely check in for their appointments, reducing the number of patients in the waiting room.

Effective reporting workflow

Cris offers the very best in reporting though our zero footprint reporting solutions. This feature allows full control over the reporting workflow. Our cloud-based reporting feature can be controlled locally by a clinician as well as centrally, allowing work from multiple locations. Peer review, supervised reading and double-blind reporting are all in-built features supporting RCR guidelines.

Cross Platform

Managing patient data on the move has never been easier. Cris is available on both mobile and tablet allowing patient information to be searched, identified and accessed from anywhere around the hospital without the need for a central workstation. The Cris Mobile module also offers radiologists all the key features of Cris on the move so that they can work from home and access priority cases when urgent.

In depth analytics

Through the radiology dashboard, clinicians are presented with real time intelligence and data, supporting decision making for radiology departments.
Our radiology workflow software provides key data visualisation for monitoring the efficiency and productivity of the department.

Why Wellbeing Clinician Software?

Wellbeing Software has developed, tested and delivered radiology workflow solutions to private and public healthcare organisations for over 30 years.

An established leader in healthcare software

Wellbeing Software has developed, tested and delivered radiology workflow solutions to private and public healthcare organisations for over 30 years. We provide continuous innovation as the needs of both patients and healthcare providers change. Our solutions connect departments and practitioners across departmental and geographical borders, facilitating improved care for patients. Our radiology solutions are used in over 700 locations, supporting over 200,000 users and 25 million imaging events per year.

Cooperation with smooth integration

All our specialist solutions are designed with integration and seamless compatibility in mind, facilitating the consolidation of medical records from several solutions to one scalable, secure and efficient central solution. This allows healthcare organisations to do away with traditional divisions, both department based and location based, allowing practitioners to work together to improve the patient experience. All our healthcare software solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing platforms, tools and technologies. Our fully integrated radiology workflow solution ensures adaptive adjustment and consistency of working practices whilst maintaining the integrity of sensitive patient data.

First class support

We share a mission with healthcare organisations and aim to enhance patient outcomes, strive to meet our clients’ needs. We form a close partnership with our clients, providing excellent customer service, training and support to help reach departmental goals. We supply and continuously update our comprehensive user documentation, providing availability and support when you need it the most.

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