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The process of sharing images with available expert radiologists in any location at any time of day enables optimum and specialised patient care through timely interventions. Cris, our specialist radiology information system, has a strong established foothold within the UK, enabling transnational workflows through teleradiology solutions.

Why Teleradiology?

Obtain medical images across geographical borders

Being home to the most popular radiology information system in the UK, radiology images are easily transferred through our specialist digital systems. The technology can be connected up to existing third party software with Cris and Cris Connect. Teleradiology solutions allow a multitude of images that have been taken by medical professionals in hospitals and clinics, for example, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and x-rays to be sent to any location, via highly secure digital pathways. Radiologists in remote locations can easily access, view, and interpret transmitted scans. With the addition of Cris Vetting, they can now easily connect with the referring clinician through Microsoft Teams. This improves the patient journey through the system and removes the chance of duplication. Our long-standing footprint and our trusted expert knowledge are unparalleled in this specialist industry.

Consultation and diagnosis by expert radiologists

Teleradiology gives healthcare organisations access to a plethora of radiologists on a national scale. This means specialists can be brought in for specific cases virtually from anywhere in the country, or provide a second opinion on complex matters. This enhanced coordination and interoperability within the system improves patient care and can ensure early diagnosis.

Twenty-four-hour coverage helps with staffing shortages

Management and workflow difficulties caused by staffing sickness or lack of specific knowledge within the department can be overcome through teleradiology solutions. Clinicians can continue to request medical images for patients which can be transmitted via our systems any time of the day or night. These images can then be viewed and interpreted by on-call radiologists for diagnostic or consultation purposes.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Cris and Cris Connect have an established footprint in the radiology sector.
  • Teleradiology through our software effectively links up with a range of available specialists
  • Radiology staffing issues can be overcome, improving management within the organisation
  • Our technology integrates with all other leading PACS, PAS, and EPR in existence
  • Developed by industry specialists with exceptional experience and knowledge of RIS
  • Highly secure pathways for sensitive patient data.

Cris Case Studies

View and download our latest case studies by clicking the links below.

Cris Communicator Improving Communications

Why Teleradiology Through Cris?

After the acquisition by the Citadel Group, a major provider of software solutions in Australia, strategic advancements continue to be made in our healthcare communications technology systems in the UK.

A trusted provider

Over 80% of NHS trusts and hospitals rely on Wellbeing Software to provide effective connected healthcare. Our solutions include several specialist systems exclusively developed by industry experts for the healthcare sector. Cris is our radiology information system which can connect with clinicians across geographical borders and share images through the process of teleradiology. Euroking is our well-established software solution which has been building on its grounding within maternity care for more than thirty years. Our customer focused product portfolio also includes other unrivalled technology healthcare systems.

Continuous Improvement

It is our mission to continually build on and improve our portfolio of highly scalable performant systems within healthcare. Our systems work with and enhance existing technology which is already familiar to the clinician. This could reduce significant costs that are likely to be associated with the replacement of third-party software. We provide first-class services by working in partnership with our customers to ensure ongoing investment in our solutions. Our specialist RIS project managers enable the delivery of Cris and Cris Connect. They oversee the teleradiology process ensuring that it meets all corporate and clinical standards including RCR guidelines. In line with the NHS’ mission to be paperless by 2023, we are committed to providing solutions to help organisations achieve this goal.

Shared vision of better patient outcomes

Both Wellbeing Software and Citadel share a vision of improved patient outcomes through connected healthcare. By using teleradiology through our specialist established radiology systems, radiologists can view images from remote locations, enabling timely and optimum care to be provided to the patient. Scarce or specialist skills in radiology can be drawn upon at a distance, increasing the quality and quantity of the reporting capabilities. The transmission of the scans can be made at a time that it is most needed to support the diagnosis and consultation. This communicative healthcare allows for collaboration and integrated care across the system.

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