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Our technology is designed with clinicians and care providers in mind and is focused on making access to patient records as easy as possible.

Wellbeing Software supports timely and well-informed clinical decisions by providing a link between primary care data sources and other areas of the healthcare sector.

Our technology, known best as Apollo, is uniquely able to source data from all four principle GP practice systems in the UK in a trusted and compliant manner, ensuring the information that resides in primary care can be accessed where required, and used to build complete electronic health records.

It also enhances healthcare providers’ ability to proactively address national health requirements, with more granular information at their fingertips.

We work with both local and national organisations to inform and improve primary care services for patients across the UK. Download our latest case studies below.

Improving Child Health Immunisation

Whole Systems Integrated Care programme

Monitoring respiratory and Communicable Disease

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