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Our technology is designed with clinicians and care providers in mind and is focused on making access to patient records as easy as possible.

Wellbeing Software supports timely and well-informed clinical decisions by providing a link between primary care data sources and other areas of the healthcare sector.

Our technology, known best as Apollo, is uniquely able to source data from all four principle GP practice systems in the UK in a trusted and compliant manner, ensuring the information that resides in primary care can be accessed where required and used to build complete electronic health records.

Our healthcare data management software also enhances healthcare providers’ ability to proactively address national health requirements, with more granular information at their fingertips.

We work with both local and national organisations to inform and improve primary care services for patients across the UK. Download our latest case studies below.

Improving Child Health Immunisation

Whole Systems Integrated Care programme

Monitoring respiratory and Communicable Disease

Data Management Services Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Wellbeing Software?

We form part of the Citadel Group and are known our Apollo, Euroking and Cris (formally HSS) solutions. Wellbeing Software continues to provide innovative software to allow healthcare organisations to improve patient outcomes through digital technology, improving joined-up care. Our aim is to achieve this through working in partnership with our clients whilst providing first class customer service.

Our full list of customers can be seen here. The current client base includes those in the private and public sector and our solutions are present in over 80% of hospitals and NHS Trusts.

Who uses your healthcare data management services? Do you have any examples of where it works?

You can view our case studies here. Our medical data management services have been incorporated into existing systems to link with other patient information and drive detailed analysis of patient health outcomes and greater efficiencies of care.

How are you able to connect primary care data to other healthcare systems?

Apollo Connect, through a secure and encrypted file transfer, can compliantly extract structured data from the four major GP systems including EMIS and SystmOne. This enables healthcare providers in mental health, hospitals, and social care to seamlessly view necessary primary care information regarding their patients. This is real time data through an instant connection.

When Apollo Connect is linked up with Stratus (our connected digital medical records solution), this provides a full picture of the patient’s known medical background, making clinical decisions safer and more efficient and improving communications between primary and secondary care.

Do you provide software for clinical auditing?

With Apollo A3, part of our data management services, teams in clinical commissioning groups are able to run clinical audits across their GP practices, which are aligned with national standards covering the GMS contract Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF).

Can I demo the software?

Wellbeing Software will be happy to provide a full demo of our patient data management software to enable you to see the benefits that it can provide to your healthcare organisation.

To arrange a demo, get in touch with us using the contact form.

What other software can you provide?

After being acquired by Citadel, the market leaders of technology advancement and healthcare communication systems in Australia, we have grown our existing portfolio of innovative healthcare solutions here in the UK.

For over thirty years Wellbeing Software have been advancing the field of digital maternity services through our maternity information system Euroking and Cris, our radiology Information system which is deployed in over 700 separate locations. Our new solutions for connecting up digital healthcare include our pathology services EVOLUTION the LIMS medical system and CHARM our Oncology Information management system.

We put healthcare data management systems in place to improve workflows for healthcare professionals enabling them to work safely, efficiently and effectively in the modern healthcare environment, and to improve the patient journey. See all of our healthcare technology solutions here.

Wellbeing Software is a leading medical software provider – trusted by more than 80% of NHS organisations.

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