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Delivering complete digital patient records through connected healthcare systems.

Wellbeing Software offers a clear pathway to complete electronic health records by digitising, visualising, managing and transmitting patient information to reach the right healthcare practitioner in the right place, at the right time. Whether you require electronic document management, digital data collection not covered by your EPR, or a clinician’s portal to provide a view of disparate record sources, Stratus covers every eventuality. Linking closely with Wellbeing’s Data Management Service offerings, we can complete the picture with primary care software data.

We already have a presence in more than 80% of NHS organisations and are able to use these existing technology platforms, as well as our unrivalled UK development resources, expertise in clinical domains and experience of healthcare system integration, to provide healthcare organisations with a route to connecting otherwise siloed medical records.

Our EMR system enables fast, compliant information-sharing, better-informed clinical decisions and better patient outcomes.

Electronic Health Records Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Wellbeing Software?

As part of the Citadel Group, Wellbeing Software share their vision to provide connected healthcare technology to deliver better patient outcomes through first class customer service.

Wellbeing Software is a digital healthcare provider, developing connected solutions for Hospitals and NHS Trusts. Our aim is to provide integrated care which improves the patient journey and therefore ensures better patient care. Our interface technology can integrate with existing third-party systems already in place and is a pathway to complete electronic health records.

We already have an established footprint in the UK in the private and public healthcare sector and are trusted by more than 80% of NHS organisations. Our full list of customers can be seen here.

Are you able to help us achieve our paperless goal?

Stratus is a shared care record designed to enable access of complete patient records at the point of care. Digitising paper records, including the categorisation and indexation of documents, minimises the need for clinicians to scroll through large scanned ‘images’ in search of relevant medical history.

How do your electronic medical records improve efficiency?

Our Stratus and eConsent solutions enable compliant digitised versions of healthcare documents which can be easily accessed. The solutions support clinicians in finding patient records and all relevant patient information quickly to help make effective, informed decisions. Our Apollo data management system can also be linked up with primary care data to smoothen transitions of care and overall patient outcomes.

I’m an expert in healthcare not technology, what customer support do you provide?

Wellbeing’s support team are continuously monitoring your system, anticipating any potential downtime and on hand to roll out updates. This gives you unparalleled resilience, allowing you to have a consistent workflow and continue business as usual

Our experts are on hand via phone, email, remote desktop access or face-to-face. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any concerns or questions you have with your Wellbeing solution.

Can I demo the EMR system?

If you would like us to give you a full demo of our Stratus and econsent solution to a complete pathway for electronic medical records get in touch to arrange it using the contact form.

What other software can you provide?

In addition to our solution to electronic medical records, Wellbeing Software includes a range of innovative digital solutions to improve intercommunication of patient data within and between healthcare organisations.

Our radiology specialist business formerly known as HSS is home to Cris, our Radiology Information system and for over thirty years we have built a strong footprint across the UK with our maternity information system Euroking.

After the acquisition by the Citadel group in April 2020 we have expanded our portfolio to include the specialist pathology laboratory information system EVOLUTION and CHARM our oncology software.

Through our specialist knowledge and significant development resources we are building the foundations of an interconnected digital healthcare in an integrated healthcare system.

View all of our innovative healthcare technology solutions here. Wellbeing Software is a leading medical software provider – trusted by more than 80% of NHS organisations.

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