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Delivering complete digital patient records through connected healthcare systems.

Wellbeing Software offers a clear pathway to complete electronic health records by digitising, visualising, managing and transmitting patient information to reach the right healthcare practitioner in the right place, at the right time. Whether you require electronic document management, digital data collection not covered by your EPR, or a clinician’s portal to provide a view of disparate record sources, Stratus covers every eventuality. Linking closely with Wellbeing’s Data Management Service offerings, we can complete the picture with primary care data.

We already have a presence in more than 80% of NHS organisations and are able to use these existing technology platforms, as well as our unrivalled UK development resources, expertise in clinical domains and experience of healthcare system integration, to provide healthcare organisations with a route to connecting otherwise siloed medical records.

This enables fast, compliant information-sharing, better-informed clinical decisions and better patient outcomes.

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