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EVOLUTION is a highly scalable and configurable Virtual Laboratory Information System designed to deliver a flexible service model that allows access anywhere, at any time.

It provides an innovative and best practice approach to enterprise connected health, delivering a single unified pathology service with a mobile workforce unrestrained by geography.

Pathology Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Wellbeing Software?

We provide integrated communication systems for specialised healthcare services. Our software allows users to access timely, relevant and up to date information to ensure the right clinical decisions are made for patient care.

As part of the Citadel Group company, we will continue to grow our innovative and interconnected software solutions as we have done over the last thirty years, working with over 80% of NHS providers.

Where is your pathology software used?

Citadel Health continues to be a leader in developing innovative digital solutions, helping to create integrated care systems across Australia.

Before acquiring Wellbeing Software, over the last 25 years, Citadel Health has installed lab software in numerous laboratories and pathology services and created unified systems: the largest of which is state-wide, with 34 individual laboratories unified into one laboratory information management system.

Across Australia, 50,000 clinicians across 166 hospitals, have access to relevant and accurate data, supporting over 5 million patients.

How does EVOLUTION make pathology services more efficient?

Any clinician who is making decisions on a patient’s care can access the lab software to view complete pathology test results from across multiple sites helping them to make an informed decision based on cumulative trends and most recent lab data.

Interconnected working improves multi-disciplinary team efficiencies and reduces the unnecessary duplication of testing across various sites. This can therefore reduce costs of duplicated pathology testing requests and overheads associated with this. Overall, improving transparency across the system.

How does LIMS improve the patient journey?

The reduction of duplication of testing as well as testing too close to the point of care cuts down on added stress caused to the patient from unnecessary testing.

The increased availability of pathology results and an overview of recent trends through access to the virtual laboratory information system by clinicians, makes the diagnosis or recommendations regarding the patient’s treatment and care safer during clinical decision making. This in turn improves patient outcomes and builds on the patient’s trust in the clinician.

Can I demo the pathology software?

Please contact us to organise a demo, this will give you an understanding of how EVOLUTION will benefit your healthcare organisation.

What other software can you provide?

Wellbeing software provides a range of innovative solutions to help with the digital connection of communication in the healthcare sector. We specialise in secure sharing of information for radiology departments with our Cris Radiology Information System; and provide our maternity information system Euroking to maternity departments across the UK.

Other software solutions that are providing innovative digital interconnections across healthcare organisations include our oncology information management system Charm; our range of e-health innovations; and Apollo- our data management system, which is able to extract data from primary care software helping to improve the patient pathway between primary and secondary care.

Access the full range of digital healthcare communication solutions here.

Wellbeing Software is a leading medical software provider – trusted by more than 80% of NHS organisations.

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