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Unrivalled reporting workflow management from the radiology information system specialist .

Wellbeing Software – formerly known as HSS – enables radiology departments to share information accurately, rapidly and securely between multiple users and organisations.

This enables radiology services to operate efficiently as the intersection of a vast array of diagnostic, treatment and patient monitoring services.

We are the home of Cris, the UK’s most popular Radiology Information System (RIS), which is deployed in over 700 separate locations and supports over 200,000 users and 25 million imaging events every year.

Our pre-eminent radiology software also enables radiology departments to collaborate across different organisations and geographical areas and integrates with a wide variety of related technologies including Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms.

Radiology Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Wellbeing Software?

We are a leading healthcare software provider. Trusted by the majority (over 80%) of NHS practices, our technology is used every day by hospitals, GP practices, medical groups, imaging centres and research centres alike. Our clients rely on our radiology information systems to significantly improve the efficiency of their practice, allowing the UK’s valued clinicians to spend less time on admin and more time-saving lives and improving the health of the general public.

Who uses your radiology software?

Our radiology software is the leading radiology information system used in NHS settings. It has been deployed in over 700 separate locations and supports over 200,000 users and 25 million imaging events each year. One of our software solutions, AI Connect, has been used to introduce radiology AI at the NHS Trust in Dartford and Gravesham as well as a number of other NHS locations. You can see a full list of our customers here.

How does our RIS system improve efficiency?

Effective radiology software can improve the efficiency of a range of common healthcare processes allowing physicians to better analyse and diagnose disease conditions. Our radiology software includes visualisation solutions that allow physicians to better analyse and diagnose disease conditions. Our Radiology Information Systems (RIS) help radiology practices allow for more efficient patient record and referral management, as well as the ability to integrate with other hospital information systems. This improves efficiency and reduces inter-departmental communication time as well as increasing the accuracy and validity of the information. You can read more about our individual software applications by selecting an option above.

Do you provide radiology reporting software?

Reporting is a key feature of our RIS systems through Cris – a zero-footprint reporting solution providing the reporting clinician with granular control over the reporting workflow. Peer review supervised reading and double-blind reporting are all in-built features supporting RCR guidelines. You can also adopt AI into your radiology reporting processes through AI Connect.

Can I demo the software?

We can provide a full demo of our radiology information systems to demonstrate the benefits and efficiency our technology can bring to your healthcare establishment. To arrange a full demo, get in contact with us.

What other software can you provide?

You may be familiar with some of our other industry-leading products including the most widely used maternity information system Euroking, our range of electronic health solutions or Apollo data management services.

We have also expanded our healthcare portfolio to include Citadel’s market-leading laboratory information system EVOLUTION and oncology software CHARM.

Our philosophy of providing end-to-end digitisation and a consolidated view of all patient information means we work across a wide range of healthcare sectors. You can view all of our healthcare technology solutions here.

What do our clients say?

“A key piece to the AI puzzle for Radiology is automating the pull and push of diagnostic images based on the required rules for the specific AI service. And then managing the results or insertion of the amended images back to the PACS. Our recent AI development for CXR with would not be as efficient if not for the Wellbeing Software AI Connect gateway. Wellbeing Software has proven themselves time and time again to be real digital partners across radiology, maternity and wider. Great to have an extended team we can rely on!”

Neil Perry, Associate Director Digital Transformation, Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust

Wellbeing Software is a leading medical software provider – trusted by more than 80% of NHS organisations.

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